July 20, 2016

The 6 Best Vacation Destinations for Finding Rare Pokemon

Pokemon Go fever has hit both the U.S. and abroad. With over 30 million downloads, rumors of a Pokemon Go dating app in the works, and horror stories abound of distracted Pokemon Go players falling off cliffs or discovering things other than Pokemon, it’s safe to say that the game is here to stay.

And while catching Pokemon at home can be fun, nothing compares to exploring a new area on foot—while catching the rarest of them all.

But where are the best vacation destinations for finding rare Pokemon? We put together a list of our favorite vacation rental destinations and the Pokemon that have been caught in each location:

1. Best place to find Gastly? Try Martha’s Vineyard, MA

The classic luxury of this 7-bedroom home is just steps from South Beach and is the perfect home base for you and your friends in your search for the nearby Gastly.

2. Where do you go to find Dratini? Try Naples, FL

The hunt for Dratini can be exhausting. Why not take a break with a dip in the pool of this 6-bedroom home in Naples’ most secure and exclusive golf community.

3. The best place to find Electabuzz: Bellingham, WA

After you’ve caught your first Electabuzz, sit back with the movie of your choice in the home theater in this 5-bedroom home.

4. Where would you go to find Spearow? Outerbanks, NC

While Pidgeys are all too common, it can be a bit harder to find a Spearow. The Bayberry Cottage in the 4WD area of Corolla is the perfect location to get you to the remote areas you will need to reach in your search for Spearow.

5. The best spot to find Charmander? Sun Valley, ID

Whether you’re looking for a day on the slopes in the winter or the elusive Charmander that you’re after, the incredible views of Bald Mountain and the Boulder Mountains make this beautiful home the perfect place to rest your head. Are we surprised that our favorite fire breather likes to hang out in some of our favorite ski destinations? With a view like this, maybe not.

6. The best place to find Jynx? Sonoma, CA

Finally, the 3-acres of Villa Terra Nova will give you plenty of room to explore in your hunt for Jynx. Why not have a few glasses of wine from some of the local vineyards to celebrate your success?

Have you found rare Pokemon in your area? Let us know in the comments below!

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