The Challenge:
To acquire properties in a competitive marketplace for our full-service property management company.

Background on the Company:
The inception of The Super Hosts came in January of 2017 when current owner, Justin Hales, resigned from a market leader in property management after serving 4 years as General Manager. Justin’s vision for The Super Hosts was not only to provide another full service property management company to the Southern California marketplace, but to provide these services with a personal touch to both their homeowners and their guests. The Super Hosts started with one unit in West Los Angeles and has grown to over 30 units currently serving Southern California and Texas in less than a year.

The Solution:
Justin utilized Rented’s marketplace with his previous company after meeting some of the team at VRMA. The Super Hosts wanted to find an easier way to acquire more properties and at a faster pace. Justin reached out to his previous contacts at Rented, Michael and Tanner, and quickly set up a face to face in Orange County, CA. After meeting with Tanner and discussing the new Rented Capital offerings, Justin was pleasantly surprised and eager to start a new relationship with Rented. Justin and Tanner communicated frequently over the next month discussing multiple Rented Capital opportunities.

Since the early conversations that took place in July of 2017, The Super Hosts and Rented have converted on 10 units in Texas and 3 units in Los Angeles. Justin added when asked about the relationship with Rented, “Rented gave us an opportunity to add units to The Super Hosts portfolio at such a pace that no other outlet, marketing tool, or company could provide. Not only has Rented provided an amazing opportunity for The Super Hosts, but their team is fantastic to work with. Their team works fast and urgently and are comprised of forward thinking individuals with years of experience in the vacation rental industry. It’s been a pleasure working with Rented and they understand our business. The Super Hosts looks forward to a symbiotic relationship for years to come.”

Moving Forward:
The Super Hosts plan for growth in 2018 is centered around 2 markets, San Diego and Malibu. Both markets have a multitude of investment property opportunities, have a high occupancy and most importantly, vacation rentals and management of are legal. The Super Hosts plans to be more aggressive in search of Rented Capital opportunities to pitch to Rented and is hiring an experienced Acquisitions Specialist to help spearhead the opportunities in these markets.

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