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Redefining vacation rentals from the heart of Atlanta

Who We Are

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At, we believe that the most valuable asset available is time; and we’re determined to provide exactly that. Whether it’s by freeing homeowners from the time they would otherwise lose managing their property themselves, or helping property managers more efficiently grow their business so they can spend more time focused on delivering exceptional guest experiences; we’re giving our customers more time for the things they love, one property at a time.

Why Choose Us

Our business fundamentals

We only succeed when you succeed first.
We like convenience, and figure you do too.
Your time is valuable, so we listen well and are never pushy.
We see every day as an opportunity to do something great.

Our Team

Good people doing great things.

Andrew McConnell CEO
Steve Salkin CTO
Cliff Johnson Chief Commercial Officer
Ashby Foltz VP of Product
Jill Miller VP of Finance
Hassan Fall Director of Finance
Dannielle Boozer Director of Marketing
Jason Morgan Portfolio Manager
Solanda Dufresne Sales Operations Manager
Spencer Watts Product Analyst
John Munro Lead Data Scientist
Kendall Glynn Content Marketing Specialist
Brian King Software Developer
Phillip Campbell Software Developer
Mark Billie Software Developer
Tanner Bruce Partner Success Manager
Kristin Goulet Partner Success Manager
Kevin Lincicome Partner Success Manager
Mateo Bradford Partner Success Manager
Talia Lockard Partner Success Manager
Jessica Singer Partner Success Manager
Stefan Hollands Partner Success Manager
Julia Daly Partner Success Manager
Gerard Lester Partner Success Manager

Our Values

Continuous Growth

To better our individuals, we believe in continuous learning, improvement, and personal growth.

Relentless Execution

To better our achievements, we believe an idea is as valuable as its execution.

All > Any

To better our company, we believe all of us is better than any of us.

New Ideas

To better our thinking, we believe ideas can and should come from anyone, anywhere. We encourage feedback and new ideas, and we value your opinion.

Ownership & Autonomy

To better our performance, we make our employees our owners and they have the autonomy to achieve results the way they see best.

Better for All

To better our marketplace, we believe transactions should only occur when all parties are better off.