vacation rental management conferences

Vacation Rental Management Conference Season!

10 Ways to Get the Most Value Out of Vacation Rental Management Conferences  The vacation rental management industry is one built on relationships. And there’s no better way to foster those relationships than at a VRM conference! For an industry as close-knit as ours, conferences are like a family reunion, a good opportunity to connect, catch up, and network.  But …

Buidling a vacation rental tech stack

Vacation Rental Tech Stack 101

Adding specialized technology to supplement certain needs. Let’s talk about what can go into a solid VRM tech stack, and how to build the best one for your business.

vacation rental property management direct bookings

#bookdirect Refresher

4 Ways to Drive Vacation Rental Guests to #BookDirect (Over and Over Again)  One of the best ways to boost your revenue is to turn a one-time guest into a regular guest—especially if you can drive them to book directly on your website.  Booking direct offers great benefits to you and your guests, like fewer fees for both parties and …

rented and key data dashboard strategic partnership

Rented and Key Data Expand Strategic Partnership

Data and revenue management leaders in the vacation rental space announce a deepened partnership designed to bring better data insights, services, and pricing to professional property managers. Atlanta, GA — September 08, 2021 Key Data, the most trusted provider of data and analytics for lodging providers announced an expanded partnership with the leading revenue management service and software provider, Rented. …


How to Monetize Vacation Rental Guest Experiences

As a vacation rental manager, you want to provide your guests with the best experience possible. But what if there were ways for you to turn this into an opportunity and monetize it? If you missed our Art of Pricing webinar on guest activities and experiences, don’t worry! Our guests had so many ideas to share, that we’ve created this …

social media marketing for vacation rental managers

Social Media Marketing for Vacation Rentals

Guest Post Author: Paul Hank, Director of Digital Marketing, InterCoastal Net Designs (ICND) It’s easily the most common question I get when speaking with property managers.  “Should I be doing social media?” Notice how I Italicized the word “doing” in that question — not “should I be running social media ads?” or “do you feel I should start pursuing Instagram?”  …

vacation rental revenue management frequently asked questions

Revenue Management FAQs

Vacation rental revenue management is still a new(ish) concept for most of the VRM industry, and there’s often confusion about what it is, how to use it, and where it fits in with other best practices. You have questions—we have answers. Let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions about vacation rental revenue management. Here are the Top 7 …

Vacation Rental Revenue Management Basics

Vacation Rental Revenue Management Basics

Maybe you’ve started researching on your own, or heard through the grapevine (and from services like ours!) that vacation rental revenue management is incredibly important for the profitability and sustainability of your vacation rental business. And you may have found yourself wondering: Why?  Revenue management within the context of the short-term vacation rental industry is a fairly new concept and …

vacation rental revenue management glossary

Glossary of Vacation Rental Revenue Management Terms and KPIs

At Rented, we spend every day talking about Revenue Management Tools and Services with our vacation rental manager clients. Many of them have the same question, “What do all these terms mean?” The language of revenue management helps to convey the key data points that should be understood and tracked for performance. Here’s a refreshed list to get started speaking …