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Listing Sites: Friend or Foe?

Three years ago, I wrote a piece that questioned whether vacation rentals were about to have an expansion period similar […]

What we learned at VRMAEast 2018

Another fantastic VRMA East conference has completed and we’ve returned from Miami. Knowing that not everyone can take the time […]

Is Airbnb the next Wyndham?

After years in the spotlight, the past few months have seen some interesting, and telling, developments in Airbnb’s approach to […]

Rented Capital FAQ’s

1. What does do? pays homeowners and landlords a fixed rent directly, on behalf of short-term and vacation […]

VRMA National 2017: What We Learned

Now that we are back from Orlando, and the largest VRMA National Conference in history, I have had some time […]

Is Airbnb Picking Winners, Or Making Them?

Rumors had it for quite a while that Airbnb’s experiment in property management, Sonoma Select, had been a resounding success. […]

Hotels’ Brave New World

Have you looked out your window recently? If so, and you happened to see pigs flying by, this might not […]

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