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Earn more with access to rental properties and guaranteed income.

Why Managers Choose Us

It’s difficult for a property owners to find the right property manager for their short-term rental, and even harder for them to know how much rental income their property will earn each month. But together, we can give them both.

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How it Works

  1. Request a guaranteed offer.
  2. Present the offer to the owner.
  3. Operate as usual.
  4. Earn your commission while we pay the owner.

What our Managers Say

"Before finding, I was spending more money managing my rental than I was making in rental income. Now, I can rely on my amazing property manager to do the heavy lifting for me."

Susan B. - Owner

"Working with has allowed me to spend more time focusing on my family, and less time focusing on my rental."

John S. - Owner

"Offering guaranteed income through the use of Rented Capital helped me convert multiple owners, while also showing confidence in our revenue estimates. "

Kim E. - Manager

iTrip Aspen

"Rented Capital enabled me to keep a licensed Denver short-term rental home on my program. The owner loves the fixed monthly rent payments that I couldn't commit to previously, and I still get a commission for managing the property. Talk about a great way to grow and sustain a business! Thank you!"

Micah B. - Manager

RealJoy Vacations


Rental Resources

Help your property owners easily navigate their short-term rental options with resources such as the Rented Report, Ultimate Guide, and Income Calculator.