Property Managers

Earn more with less hassle by offering guaranteed income.

Why Managers Choose

It’s difficult for a property owners to find the right property manager for their short-term rental, and even harder for them to know how much rental income their property will earn each month. But together, we can give them both.

How it Works

Submit an offer request at, or contact your Partner Success Manager. Provide a link to the property’s information, your rental projections, commission percentage, the owner’s monthly asking price, and any additional costs you would like to fund.

Our analysts will review the request and determine a recommended offer range based on historical market data. We’ll provide the fixed rent offer to you generally within 1-2 business days, which you can present to the owner alongside or in place of a typical commission-based offer.

If the owner accepts the offer, will begin sending monthly payments directly to them. You manage the property, keep your management fee, and send the rest.

Why use fixed rental income contracts?

Providing fixed rental income payments to an owner is the ultimate signal of a managers confidence in their abilities. It’s also an effective way for a manager to get first-time rental owners to add a property to their rental program.

Why wouldn’t a manager do it themselves?

Given the high risk nature and unavoidable issues associated with revenue seasonality, it’s very difficult for a property manager to sign an unlimited number of fixed rent leases without putting a lot at stake. Property managers also typically operate in only a handful of markets and may not have sufficient data needed to determine how much revenue a property can generate.

Relax. It's Rented.

That’s why exists – to help managers grow and operate more effectively. We can sign an unlimited number of leases on a property manager’s behalf, so long as all parties entering into the agreement are made better off by the deal. And, since we look at hundreds of properties in dozens of markets every week, we compile the best data in the industry to evaluate the property’s potential, and use that to generate an offer that works for everyone.

What our Managers Say

"Offering guaranteed income through the use of Rented Capital helped me convert multiple owners, while also showing confidence in our revenue estimates. "

Kim E. - Manager

iTrip Aspen

"Rented Capital enabled me to keep a licensed Denver short-term rental home on my program. The owner loves the fixed monthly rent payments that I couldn't commit to previously, and I still get a commission for managing the property. Talk about a great way to grow and sustain a business! Thank you!"

Micah B. - Manager

RealJoy Vacations

Rental Resources

Help your property owners easily navigate their short-term rental options with resources such as the Rented Report, Ultimate Guide, and Income Calculator.