Sell with ease and at a higher conversion rate by offering buyers a turnkey revenue stream.

Why Realtors Choose

With the Rented Capital program, realtors can give new homeowners and investors the option of receiving guaranteed annual income for their property and greater insight into the return on their investment.

How It Works

Send the details of the property you’re trying to sell to your local partner success manager.

We’ll provide you with a guaranteed annual income quote that you can use when showing the property.

Upon closing, we connect the buyers that want the guarantee with their new property manager.

We pay guaranteed annual income directly to the owner while the manager takes care of the property.

Attract Investors

The short-term rental market is hot, and buyers are looking to invest. Two simple words can get their attention: guaranteed income.

Stand Out

How many realtors do you know that are able to offer guaranteed annual income and full-service management to their buyers? This is your differentiator.

Earn More

The secure income offer can be used to help your buyer secure a larger mortgage. A bigger home for them means a higher conversion rate for you!