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    Rental Income Calculator

    Rental Income Calculator

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    An Objective Look at your Rental Income.

    The Comprehensive Rental Income Calculator will help make the task of determining how much you are actually making from your rental home easy. As short-term rentals have grown in popularity, more and more investors are looking to rent on sites like Airbnb and VRBO rather than relying solely on traditional long term rentals. While this can significantly increase your rental revenue, there are few tools out there to help you determine if this additional revenue offsets your additional costs, risk, and hassle. For this reason, has made this tool publicly available to any investor, homeowner, or prospective investor or homeowner.

    But this should just be one tool in your arsenal. Accurately calculating your revenue or revenue potential is also critical. For more accurate estimates on short-term revenue potential for your home, we also have a free Rental Grader Tool you can use. Likewise, while this tool breaks out the costs line by line, it does not assist you in changing them. Best practices for maximizing top line rental revenue and minimizing rental associated costs should you be interested can be found here.

    Income Calculator

    Discover your rental home income

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    Average rental period

    Do you typically rent by the week, day, month, etc?

    Average rate per period

    What do you typically charge for the above period?

    Occupancy Rate

    What percentage of the period is occupied by renters?

    Annual Gross Revenue


    Annual Expenses



    Booking Costs


    Property Taxes

    How much is your time worth?

    Per Hr



    Industry average spent self-managing is 8.4 hours per week

    Occupancy Taxes

    Costs incurred from taxes. Ex: Orlando: 13% of Gross Revenue.

    Light Maintenance

    HOA fees




    Onsite Manager

    Total Annual Costs


    Gross revenue


    Total Costs


    Total Income