Rental News The Rented Blog September 17, 2015

To Fee, or Not To Fee? A Discussion on Airbnb Fees in the Vacation Rental Industry:

Hated fees have started making an appearance in the vacation rental industry, and this is the reason why: Recently, travel

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Airdna: The Tool That Every Vacation Rental Homeowner Needs

While there’s something to be said of experienced homeowners who have learned the business from first-hand experience, vacation rental analytical

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Are Things Getting Ugly? Dissecting the Dialogue Between Managers & TripAdvisor

You have seen the LinkedIn chatter for over a year now about “gaining control of your own business.” While booking

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Rental News The Rented Blog August 27, 2015

3 Lessons We Can Learn from the Hotel Industry

The traditional hotel may be dying, but there’s still a lot we can learn from the hotel industry. This July,

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Rental News The Rented Blog August 20, 2015

Week In Review: Woman Fined $15K For Renting Airbnb Without Permit

This Week in Airbnb (and Beyond) is a weekly podcast from Beyond Pricing. Each week, they discuss the top news

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