Trends in the Vacation Rental Industry: Q2 2015

This is part of an ongoing VRMA series of quarterly reviews of the top trends in the vacation rental industry.

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Short Term Rentals: No Work, All Play

New York Times reporter Michelle Higgins recently wrote about “Taking the Work Out of Short Term Rentals” – a topic

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Adapt or Die: The Travel Sharing Economy is Having Its Napster Moment Right Now

Remember 1999? Sure you do. The dotcom bubble was in full effect: come up with any idea, really any idea,

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2015 Will Be The Year That The Sharing Economy Grows Up

Even beyond the world of travel, it is hard to argue with the statement that 2014 was the year of

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4 Things Airbnb Owners Should Consider About Rental Income Tax

Whether you are managing or looking to buy, a second home is a great investment goal. You need to be

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