The Art of Pricing: The past, current state and future of vacation rental home security.

Yes! Security is part of the guest experience, owner satisfaction, and operational excellence. This week on the Art of Pricing our Host Talia Lockard and guest Dipen Gala Co-Founder of Lynx joins the conversation to share insights and answer questions such as 'How does home automation make owners and managers feel safer, and how does home automation leave to an increase in revenue and overall experience?

The Art of Pricing: Booking Pacing Trends 09.08.2021

Current Trends in Booking Pacing in US Vacation Rental Markets  Vacation Rental Managers, join us on the Art of Pricing, this week hosted by Valerie Clagett, Sr. Revenue Manager at Rented. She's joined by Mike Fisher and Jessica Walker, Sr. Revenue Managers from Rented for an in depth conversation on the current trends we at Rented are seeing with our property managers throughout the US. We'll be sharing what our team is seeing and how they are responding to compression and expansion of these curves.

The Art of Pricing: Creating the Ultimate Guest Experience in Vacation Rental Properties

Refining and Targeting Guest Experience. For vacation rental managers, the topic of guest experience is so broad. On this week’s The Art of Pricing, our panel will discuss optimizing the experience ‘in property’, join Host Talia Lockard, and guests Jinnie Templin, Marketing Manager Sharp/NEC Display Solutions, and Kristin Goulet, Rented's Sr. Revenue Manager.

The Art of Pricing: Talking with Homeowners? Bring Metrics to the Conversation with Key Data Dashboard!

ADR, RevPAR, Available Occupancy, and Revenue… there are many KPIs (key performance indicators) that are involved in creating the most effective revenue strategy for each property. And each metric varies in importance to your owner’s wants and needs. In this episode, we will be joined by Key Data, the #1 Trusted Data and Analytics Source in the vacation rental industry, to dive into how to turn KPIs into a valuable conversation with your owners to drive all-around success.


The Art of Pricing: Demo of Automated Rate Tool and "How-To" Questions and Answers

Vacation rental managers! In this episode of Art of Pricing we show you how to sign up FREE! Yes, our automated rate tool, Art, is free for you to get started with revenue management and dynamic pricing. We'll be sharing the ease of use and functionality of Art, and how you can sign up today for a free account with CEO Andrew McConnell, and host Talia Lockard.


The Art of Pricing: Get the Most Bang Out of Your Marketing Bucks | Utilizing Reservations Data and Understanding Your Revenue Management Strategy

Join us on the Art of Pricing for the 2nd episode in our three-part series where we will share ways to leverage your marketing, reservations, and revenue management teams to benefit your revenue. In this episode, we focused on how to use data from your reservations team and your revenue management objectives to guide and inform your marketing strategy with our Host Talia Lockard and guests Valerie Clagett of Rented and Kara Kacmarcik of Bluetent!


The Art of Pricing: Turn Qualitative Data into Quantitative | Maximizing your Marketing and Reservations Teams

When cross-functional teams work together, they feel more connected and helps to eliminate silos or knowledge gaps. When team members feel connected, have common goals, and trust one another, they are also better at problem-solving and conflict resolution. Join us on the Art of Pricing for a three-part series where we will share ways to leverage your marketing, reservations, and revenue management teams to benefit your revenue.

In this episode we focus on turn qualitative data into quantitative within your marketing and reservations team with Host Talia Lockard and guests Valerie Clagett of Rented and Ari Eryorulmaz of Stay Gia and Extenteam.


The Art of Pricing: How to Keep your Teams Motivated with Amazing Leadership                                                  Growth Leaders + Motivated Teams = More Revenue

Vacation rental managers, how does having a motivated, engaged sales team help optimize your revenue management strategy? Does it cost you and your homeowners money if morale is low in your sales team? In this episode we spoke with Daniel Perry of BookStayHop and Kristin Goulet of Rented about how to inspire enthusiasm in your sales team, make them feel valued, and have a positive impact on your business.


The Art of Pricing: Revenue Management Roundtable | Minimum Stays and Rate RestrictionsDescription

the Art of Pricing as we are covering the FAQs that we hear most often from our clients! Rented's own Revenue Management and Partner Success Team: Kristin Goulet, Kevin Lincicome, Laurina Stapleton, Valerie Clagett, and Host Talia Lockard will go deeper into our most attended webinar sessions. Get the inside scoop from our team on working with property managers on these complex and often highly debated topics. Setting minimum stays is key to property performance, and can be a struggle with some owners, and rate restrictions can have immediate and long-term significant impacts on revenue and owner retention.


The Art of Pricing: The Impact of Regulations on Pricing for Vacation Rentals

The regulatory concerns are always forefront in the vacation rental industry. Staying afloat is obviously of utmost concern, but keeping abreast and active in the community help to know and influence these nuances of vacation rental regulations that could make or break you. The market availability and neighboring area inventory are critical in understanding supply and demand. On this week’s Art Of Pricing Webinar we sat with some experts who know all about navigating those hurdles as they discuss what makes regulation so complex—and how to move past them without having any negative impacts on your business!


The Art of Pricing: Hand in Hand - Vacation Rental Operations & Revenue Management

As vacation rental managers, you know that both Operations and Revenue Management are equally important. High Quality operations can increase your revenue significantly but compromising time needed to spend on operations can negatively impact bottom line revenue. Join Talia and industry operation rockstars Koryn Okey from Breezeway, and Brittany Blackman from Breathe Easy Rentals to hear insights on the best ways to achieve both operational excellence and revenue management to build your own strategies that balance both.


The Art of Pricing: Making the Most out of Conferences

We're talking conferences in this episode! Can you and your team define what you would like to get out of attending a conference? Talia's guest are Annie Holcombe from Lexicon, April Burns from InterCoastal Net Designs,and Kim Hermon from Big Bear Vacations. It's a great conversation including how to set goals, maximize the returns, connecting with vendors, and more!


The Art of Pricing: Ensure That Your Resources Support Your Bottom Line

The number of resources at your fingertips can get overwhelming, but these resources should be looked at as a way to help you not stress you out. In the 13th episode, we will talk about using your company goals to define what resources you should be utilizing. Whether it’s in-house or outsourced, this equation should always be true: Strong and Well Trained Reservation Team + Great Guest Experience = Maximum Revenue. Featuring Todd Birkholz from SkyRun Lake Geneva, , Elizabeth Donn from Reservation Specialists, LLC and Michael Friedman from SkyRun Vacation Rentals.


The Art of Pricing: Expiring Inventory Strategies to Maximize Revenue

Does your revenue management team have an expiring inventory strategy? When you are trying to sell out your inventory it doesn't always be a race to the bottom! Whether holding rates vs continuously dropping them just to have heads in beds, to be successful - you have to know what your competition and market is doing during these last moments in the booking window. You won't want to miss this, as we bring to you a LIVE expiring inventory strategy and execution. Featuring Rented's Director of Implementation, Laurina Stapleton and CEO of Billy O'Sullivan CEO of Princeville Vacation Rentals.


The Art of Pricing: What #BookDirect Means When it Comes to Revenue Management

With the #BookDirect movement seeing consistent growth with vacation rental managers and traction with the guests, it seems only fitting for us to cover what #bookdirect means when it comes to your revenue. Outside of the obvious benefits such as brand awareness and reduction of OTA fees, in our 6/2 session, host Talia Lockard and guests dig into how to use data to drive direct bookings and more. We'll hear from guests Andrew McConnell founder of Rented, Arthur Colker founder of Stayfi and Matt Durrette Founder of Cozi Vacation Rentals


The Art of Pricing: Acquisition Strategies to Make Inventory Growth Consistent and Successful

Vacation Rental Managers... Do you have an acquisition strategy that ensures your team can capture more leads, close more deals, and grow your revenue? Have you created personas that encompass specific owner demographics that allow you to target and plan a strategy on retention of the correct owners but also drives your plans for firing owners once they fall out of these target ranges? Join host Talia Lockard for this week's conversation with Brian Riggs founder of Vintory and Jed Stevens GM and Co-Founder of Koloa Kai Vacation Rentals


The Art of Pricing: Monetizing Activities to Benefit Revenue and Guest Experience

As vacation rental pros, we are in the business of making memories! And a meaningful part of this formula is supplying our guests with ample recommendations to experience on their vacation from restaurants to activities! In this week's episode, we'll be chatting about monetizing these recommendations to increase your bottom line, brand, and overall guest experience. Join us with this week's guests Matthew Loney President and CEO of Xplorie and Brian Hamaoui Founder of Allevo Homes.  


The Art of Pricing: How Dynamic Pricing Can Help Your Reservations Team Close Bookings 

Potential guests will always still call your reservationists for questions that aren’t easily found online. Is your team prepared to answer these questions based on data to ensure reservations are booked at top dollar? We met with Meg Park from VRMAdvocate, Greg Holpuch from NAVIS and our Mike Fisher Revenue Manager at Rented. Great talk about best practices to coach your reservationists or guest services team on dynamic pricing so they can close more bookings and maximize revenue when guests call in!


The Art of Pricing: How to Use Demand Insights to Keep Up with Your Event Pricing 

Events such as festivals, sporting events, concerts, and so much more are coming back! In the past these pricing predictions were based on historical demand but now that many events have been postponed for at least a year, do we even know what this demand will look like? In this episode we're joined by Jill and Lee Thompson from Clemson Vacation Rentals and Jordan Abu-Hamdeh from, Rented along with our host Talia Lockard, to talk about past, present, and future strategies you should consider when planning your event pricing for the summer and beyond. 


The Art of Pricing - How Fixed vs Variable Expenses Impact Your Revenue Strategy

One of the most common things we hear from vacation rental owners is that they don't want to take bookings that they'll just "lose money" on but often they are considering the total expenses for each guest night as opposed to only considering the incremental expenses of having someone in the home vs having it vacant. Join us for the fifth episode in our series The Art of Pricing with guests Jesse Ehret from Ximplifi, Karen Fleck from Rented, and Cliff Johnson from Rented. We explore how to have those conversations with owners to help ensure they are not including fixed expenses such as a mortgage, internet or other expenses that are going to be the same or minimally different whether or not a guest is in the home. This should help ensure your owners don't set unreasonable minimum rates that hurt their bottom line which in turn hurts your bottom line as a manager! 


The Art of Pricing - Using Photos to Turn Lookers in to Bookers!

Did you know that the average adult attention span is less than a goldfish? Adults typically pay attention to one task for about 8 seconds! In vacation rental marketing this means you have to be diligent in choosing the right photos to capture someone’s attention when they are scrolling through listings. Join us for the fourth episode in our series The Art of Pricing where we will ask the professional their thoughts on all the relevant photo factors, with guests: Rebecca Lombardo from TruPlace Premium Property Visuals, Ashley Genard from Stay Redamo Vacation Rentals and Kristin Goulet from Rented


The Art of Pricing - Taking Your Peak Season From Good to GREAT!

When our team at Rented first started asking managers about using dynamic pricing we would often hear "I don’t want to use a tool that bottoms out my rates." Now we are in a world where the exact opposite is happening due to excess and record demand in many destination markets, rates are going through the roof. There are valid concerns for managers if they are raising rates too much, and even asking for a MAX rate filter. What is this madness!? While we obviously understand you don’t want to oversell your property we need to think about what happens when you price too low, relative to the market. Are you leaving money on the table? Join us for the third episode in our series The Art of Pricing for this important and timely conversation.


The Art of Pricing - Deep Diving Into Fees!

Many managers have asked our team if we know consultants who can give advice around fees. This conversation will focus on discussing the fee topic as holistically as possible. Our very own, Director of Revenue, Kevin Lincicome, and President of Venture Found in Destin, Nick Borst, will join me to answer these questions and more for you. What fees should you have? How many fees should you have? Can too many fees hurt a property's revenue and booking conversion?


The Art of Pricing, Debut Webinar

In the first installment of our weekly conversation series on vacation rental revenue management, our host Talia Lockard was joined by Kristin Goulet, Kerstin Weinstein, and Jennifer Frankenstein-Harris to discuss how pricing policies can impact your revenue. Listen in for actionable tips—and some strong opinions on pet fees!

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