The Art of Pricing - How Fixed vs Variable Expenses Impact Your Revenue Strategy

One of the most common things we hear from vacation rental owners is that they don't want to take bookings that they'll just "lose money" on but often they are considering the total expenses for each guest night as opposed to only considering the incremental expenses of having someone in the home vs having it vacant. Join us for the fifth episode in our series The Art of Pricing with guests Jesse Ehret from Ximplifi, Karen Fleck from Rented, and Cliff Johnson from Rented. We explore how to have those conversations with owners to help ensure they are not including fixed expenses such as a mortgage, internet or other expenses that are going to be the same or minimally different whether or not a guest is in the home. This should help ensure your owners don't set unreasonable minimum rates that hurt their bottom line which in turn hurts your bottom line as a manager! 


The Art of Pricing - Using Photos to Turn Lookers in to Bookers!

Did you know that the average adult attention span is less than a goldfish? Adults typically pay attention to one task for about 8 seconds! In vacation rental marketing this means you have to be diligent in choosing the right photos to capture someone’s attention when they are scrolling through listings. Join us for the fourth episode in our series The Art of Pricing where we will ask the professional their thoughts on all the relevant photo factors, with guests: Rebecca Lombardo from TruPlace Premium Property Visuals, Ashley Genard from Stay Redamo Vacation Rentals and Kristin Goulet from Rented


The Art of Pricing - Taking Your Peak Season From Good to GREAT!

When our team at Rented first started asking managers about using dynamic pricing we would often hear "I don’t want to use a tool that bottoms out my rates." Now we are in a world where the exact opposite is happening due to excess and record demand in many destination markets, rates are going through the roof. There are valid concerns for managers if they are raising rates too much, and even asking for a MAX rate filter. What is this madness!? While we obviously understand you don’t want to oversell your property we need to think about what happens when you price too low, relative to the market. Are you leaving money on the table? Join us for the third episode in our series The Art of Pricing for this important and timely conversation.


The Art of Pricing - Deep Diving Into Fees!

Many managers have asked our team if we know consultants who can give advice around fees. This conversation will focus on discussing the fee topic as holistically as possible. Our very own, Director of Revenue, Kevin Lincicome, and President of Venture Found in Destin, Nick Borst, will join me to answer these questions and more for you. What fees should you have? How many fees should you have? Can too many fees hurt a property's revenue and booking conversion?


The Art of Pricing, Debut Webinar

In the first installment of our weekly conversation series on vacation rental revenue management, our host Talia Lockard was joined by Kristin Goulet, Kerstin Weinstein, and Jennifer Frankenstein-Harris to discuss how pricing policies can impact your revenue. Listen in for actionable tips—and some strong opinions on pet fees!

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