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    Real Estate with Guaranteed Rental Income.

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    Rented Capital

    Get to yes more quickly

    Imagine being able to sell or purchase a home with guaranteed annual rental income attached. Know the investment returns before ever completing the transaction.

    We call it Rented Capital

    Increase sales prices.
    Decrease time on the market.

    Prospective homeowners and investors who have certainty around rental income are able to afford more expensive homes.

    Homes with guaranteed income attached to them sell more quickly.


    Creating Choice

    Not every owner will be an investor, or wish to rent their new home. However, knowing that they can, and what the returns will be should they choose to do so, makes the buying decision that much easier.

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    02 works for you

    If the new buyer decides that they want fixed monthly income on the property, takes on the financial obligation to pay the buyer the amount agreed upon in monthly installments.

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    Operate as you do today

    This changes nothing about how you list or show homes. It is simply an additional tool to add to your arsenal and set you apart from other agents in your market. Where others may have rental income estimates, you will be the one able to offer guarantees. Buyers and Sellers alike will take notice.

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    How It Works

    1. Pick a property

    Send us some basic property information and photos of the property.

    2. Make the offer

    We'll give you the maximum we can guarantee annually for the property. This number may need to be adjusted based on things like desired owner use, but this provides a baseline.

    3. Do your thing

    If the eventual buyer does not want to accept the guarantee, no worries. You proceed as you do today. If they do, we'll pay the owner the agreed amount every month, helping them cover their mortgage, taxes, and other operational costs.

    Relax. It's Rented.

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