We Professionalize the Sharing Economy. enables the rental and professional management of assets that owners don't use full-time, which results in hassle-free maximum income for the owner.


What we have learned

Knowledge gained after more than $100MM in auctions with thousands of customers across the globe.

  • operates the only neutral marketplace connecting Professional Managers with Homeowners of rental properties
  • This privileged position has enabled us to identify who are the top performers, and who are the bottom performers
  • We have also seen the consistent gap between what a Homeowner is willing to take in guaranteed income, and what a Manager is capable of delivering if left on a performance based contract

$100 billion spent on short-term rentals annually

Projected to be $170 billion by 2019

Research and Markets

What we've Created.

Our experience has allowed us to create a product that lets third parties tap into the growth of the Sharing Economy.

Travel projected to grow at twice the rate of GDP over next decade

How it Works.

Our experience has allowed us to create a product that lets third parties tap into the growth of the Sharing Economy.

Homeowner seeking $41,000 in guaranteed annual income

Investor funds the $41,000 Guarantee, and receives 80% of all actual Rental Income earning a projected ~20% return

Manager projects $65,000 and would require a 20% commission to manage the home

Potential Risk, Mitigated.

Questions & observations about the opportunity.

How do I know I can trust the Property Manager?

  • Only the top 5% of Managers are selected for the program based on historic rental and operational excellence, and unit and revenue growth
  • ties our fee to actual rental income, so our success is tied to yours
  • Projections verified by testing against third party data and Manager’s comps
  • We believe in these Managers, which is why we are also financing deals

What about the risk that something unforeseen happens to a property?

  • Diversification – Deals are signed across Managers, Markets, and Properties
  • Avoiding highly variable markets (e.g., ski markets where bad snow year could hurt)

What incentives does the Manager have to perform?

  • They only make money when they perform
  • They want to earn a renewal on the home – to get it they have to perform
  • They have to earn this spot in’s program – they don’t want to lose it

Investment Criteria.

We are seeking investments between $250,000 and $1MM, allowing for 5-20 deals per individual investor.