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    Connecting homeowners, hosts, and investors with the world's best property managers.

    P R I C I n g is a quickly growing marketplace that is fast becoming the default platform for connecting second homeowners and real estate investors with professional short-term rental managers—a $150 billion market.

    We make money through a combination of annual subscription fees charged to our managers (>700 on the platform) and transaction fees that average 5% of the transaction value signed. In the exploding short-term rentals market, is uniquely positioned to take advantage of shifting preferences for more professional management.

    With the lessons learned thus far and our culture of continuous improvement, we are excited to see what the next year and beyond will bring.

    The Numbers

    Our Marketplace.

    Activity within our online platform.

    Supply Side


    Over $200MM worth of rental rights have been listed by homeowners and investors.

    Demand Side


    Professional property managers have created more than $100MM in rental rights bids through our platform.

    Rented Signed


    Through our platform, agreements between homeowners and property managers have been signed, representing over $10MM.

    Since launching on September 30, 2015, our focus has been to shift from sales-based growth to a business driven by marketing and product. Slightly more than a year into this process, the efforts are bearing fruit. Inbound leads and their value have climbed steadily. At the same time, acquisition costs are consistently declining.

    The core marketplace continues to grow and thrive even as we tap into new lines of growth like multi-family supply and “Rented-Backed” deals. All of this combined has led to a quintupling of monthly GMV from the launch of to today.

    Gross Market Value

    Total contract value, signed over period.

    Metrics & Growth

    Continuous Improvement

    Sign Rate

    We are believers in the concept of the “One Metric That Matters” (OMTM). This has allowed us to focus on the single biggest driver of our success at any given time in the company’s development.

    At the launch of this metric was the “Acceptance to Sign” rate. If a manager made an offer and a homeowner accepted that offer, the parties should sign a contract. It seems simple and obvious, and yet at our launch, the number was less than 20%.

    With dedicated focus by the team, we were able to surpass our 90% target by Q2 2016, and we have held steady at 95%+ ever since.

    Acceptance Rate

    With victory declared on “Acceptance to Sign” the team shifted our focus to “Acceptance Rate.” As a marketplace, increasing the percentage of offers submitted that are accepted was now the biggest lever we could pull to deliver value to our customers and grow the business.

    With the initial focus on “Sign Rate,” Acceptance Rate took an understandable early dip.

    As the focus shifted to Acceptance Rate, it began to steadily climb, and it is now 3X greater than it was at the beginning of 2016. We believe this is a number we can still improve, and it remains our OMTM.

    Listing Value

    These efforts combined have enabled us to increase the expected value of every Listing by over 10X since the launch of the site.

    For every 50 Listings, we convert 10 to signed Deals.
    With an average Deal value of $40,000 and our take rate averaging 5%, we make $20,000 on average from every 50 Listings.


    Conversion Rate

    For every 50 Listings, we convert 10 to signed Deals.


    Deal Value

    Each signed deal represents $40,000 in GMV.


     Our Revenue  

    On average, we make $20,000 (5% of Deal Value) from every 50 Listings.


    At the same time, building the brand has enabled us to dramatically decrease our customer acquisition costs (CAC). This has been possible as efforts shifted from a manual sales process to an online marketing approach.

    Our efforts have proven successful thus far, decreasing our CAC by more than 90%, and we look forward to more improvements in the future.

    Relax. It's Rented.