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We have estimated a range of potential offers for the subject property based on the information provided. Using the slider on the right, adjust the offer to the most reasonable fair market offer (the lowest offer you think the owner would gladly accept). Notice that as you reduce the offer, the Bonus Threshold goes down, increasing the amount you earn as the property performs.

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Ready to make a Rented Capital Offer to the homeowner? Submit this offer for Pre-Approval. Our team of analysts will perform an appraisal on the rental potential of the property, which will be compared to the Self-Reported Performance Estimate. We will return a pre-approved lease amount which you present to the owner, or will reach back out to you for more information.

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Welcome to Rented Capital

Rented Capital exists to help you grow. Our fund is a tool for you and your business. It is not intended to replace what already works for you, it simply makes you more effective and successful. We will work behind the scenes to to ensure your company's success.

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Rented Capital exists to help you grow. Our fund is a tool for you and your business.

It is not intended to replace what already works for you, it simply makes you more effective and successful. We will work behind to the scenes to to ensure your company's success.

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Our Process

When you submit a property for pre-approval on, our team of analysts, data scientists, and third-party data providers go to work to provide a fast, accurate, reliable offer for the property.


Our Commitment To You

Rented Capital will respond to your pre-approval request as quickly as possible, either to request additional information, or to provide you with a completed pre-approval.

In periods of peak demand, we will keep you informed as to the expected delivery of your pre-approval.

Your Commitment to

I will request pre-approvals only for properties that are a good fit for a fixed rent guarantee, to ensure the team can deliver pre-approvals efficiently on high likelihood opportunities.

I will not use the Rented pre-approvals system for generating property valuation estimates for other guarantors, data collection, or for any other purpose other than to be used in conjunction with fixed rent guarantees.


We'll handle the Risk

In nearly all fixed rent deals, Rented bears all the financial risk for losses if the property underperforms.

As a result, we rely on our VIPMs (like you) to ensure the property is optimally marketed, furnished, photographed, and operated to ensure maximum opportunity to earn revenue.


Our Commitment To You

We will provide you with pre-approvals that are our best offer for the property you submit. These may be above the owner's asking price or market value, providing you with negotiating room.

Along with the pre-approval, we will provide you with target performance information at the start of each deal, giving you a specific revenue number to shoot for on each property.

Your Commitment to

I will provide Rented with my best estimates of property performance based on my local market knowledge and performance of other properties in my portfolio.

I will appropriately and adequately market, price, furnish, photograph, and operate the property to provide with the best opportunity possible to earn a return on its investment.


Data is Life

We love data. Data is central to our business. We'll need your help in understanding the property. You are essential to our operations by providing accurate data and projections.


Our Commitment to You

We will work together to best understand and predict the needs of the market and homeowner. We will provide you with the tools you'll need to easily negotiate with homeowners and sign new properties.

On an ongoing basis, your account manager will reach out to you to discuss property performance and support your efforts to grow.

Your Commitment to

I will negotiate on Rented's behalf to pay owners a fair and reasonable fixed guarantee for their property. I will not knowingly negotiate deals that are harmful to either Rented or the owner, or that are likely to underperform the target amount.

I will make available accurate and complete financial and property performance data on properties that are leased by Rented Capital on my behalf, on a monthly basis at a minimum.


Speed is Key

To offer and delight your homeowners, we must move quickly, together.


Our Commitment To You

Offering guarantees will allow your company to convert a higher percentage of leads more quickly. We promise we will be responsive and work diligently on opportunities you share with Rented Capital.

Your Commitment to

In the next three months, how many new properties will you add to your management portfolio?


Your leads are Yours.

We understand how hard you've worked in order to build your business. We respect your marketing efforts and make no claim on your leads. They're yours!


Our Commitment To You

We recognize your leads are always your leads. If an owner is not signed up, we promise we will not list that owner in the marketplace or place with another manager. If an owner signs with your company and then wants to switch from the guarantee next year, great.

Your Commitment to

Over the next 12 months, how many new properties will you add to your management portfolio?


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