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    Rented Capital

    Get to yes more quickly

    You don’t have to change a thing. Rented Capital enables you to stand out from every other manager giving you the ability to offer homeowners guaranteed income.

    When they say yes, takes on the financial commitment, and you still manage on a commission basis. It is that easy.

    Triple your conversion rate.

    Homeowners accept guaranteed monthly income offers 3 - 5x more than commission offers.

    Most managers can't offer unlimited guarantees. Until Now.


    Creating Choice

    Every owner can now choose between your standard management contract and a fixed monthly income contract. After thousands of signed contracts we have seen owners accept managers offers at 5X higher rates when guaranteed income is an offer.

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    02 works for you

    If the owner wants the fixed monthly income, provide with information on the property in question, and we get back to you with a specific amount. If the owner accepts it, takes on the financial obligation to pay the owner monthly.

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    Operate as you do today

    With on the hook for the monthly payments to the owner, all you have to worry about is managing the property like you do today. It really is that easy. More properties, more quickly, with less work in acquiring them. RentedCapital is here to help you grow.

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    How It Works

    1. Pick a property

    If the owner is interested in renting their home, send us some basic property information, photos, and your revenue projection.

    2. Make the offer

    We'll give you the maximum allowable offer for the property. If you can get it for a better price, we'll increase your commission.

    3. Do your thing

    We'll pay the owner every month. Just manage the property like you do today, and collect your monthly commission.

    Relax. It's Rented.

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