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    Income Calculator

    Discover your rental home income

    Gross Annual Revenue

    How much did I make last year?

    How much is your time worth?


    Industry average spent self-managing is 8.4 hours per week

    Marketing Costs

    Subscription to yearly accounts, advertising, webhosting, etc.

    Booking Costs

    Cost of booking websites like Flipkey, Homeaway, Airbnb and/or commissions or fees to management company if used

    Occupancy Taxes

    Costs incurred from taxes. Ex: Orlando: 13% of Gross Revenue.

    Light Maintenance

    Plumbing, Electirican, Broken Window


    Multiply your cost of cleaning by your average number of turns per year


    Soap, Toilet Paper, Dish Soap, Light Bulbs, etc.

    Onsite Manager

    Do you have a local presence to welcome guests, coordinate keys, etc?

    Fixed Income Assurance

    Discount I would take to receive a guaranteed annual income instead of taking the financial risk

    Fixed income

    Interested in receiving fixed income offers from professional managers?

    Net Income