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    Add units without adding employees.


    Rented Resorts

    Resorts all over the world are in need of more guests.
    That's why hundreds of properties are working exclusively with to find the right booking partners.

    Increase the properties
    available to your guests

    Expand your footprint
    without expanding your staff

    Increase your revenue without
    increasing your costs

    Rented Resorts was built for

    Innovative property managers
    looking for explosive growth.

    As an experienced vacation rental manager, you are uniquely positioned to find, acquire, and direct those guests to the resorts.

    How it works:


    Browse exclusive inventory from resorts on


    Select the units you’d like to manage, and submit booking/marketing-only offers.


    Meet with the resorts to finalize details, and begin managing your new units!

    How other managers are using Resorts connected a timeshare resort that had excess inventory with a vacation club willing to buy those 5 units wholesale. also connected the resort with a professional short-term rental management company who saw the units as a way to grow their brand. In total, the resort released 24 units to short-term partners.

    Because the units are already professionally managed by the resort, the short-term rental company only had to market and book the property.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why are resorts interested in selling their inventory?

    Put simply, resorts are looking to maximize revenue! If a resort is at 80% occupancy on an annual basis, 20% of its inventory is sitting empty. Wholesaling empty units to partner companies not only generates revenue they otherwise couldn’t; it also gets more people to the resorts to spend money on food, drinks, golf, spas, and other services.

    We like to control the on-the-ground experience. Can we?

    For Rented Booking Only partnerships, it is best to let the resort handle the on-the-ground services. These resorts will gladly open their doors for you to audit the guest experience and make sure it aligns with your brand.

    Are resorts also open to creative partnerships?

    Yes and no. Wholesaling excess inventory is the most attractive for resorts. Some resorts, however, are open to a hybrid of wholesale and commission-based deals.

    Relax. It's Rented.