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Guaranteed Income from your Second Home


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Lock in guaranteed income for the next year.

Guaranteed Income wants to lease your vacation home.

With our new Rented-Backed for Homeowners arrangement, we pay you a fixed amount every month, providing you with risk-free, guaranteed rental income.


Guaranteed Income

Receive the same amount of rental income every month—guaranteed. Instead of relying on a rental income estimate, you can choose to lock in a fixed and guaranteed amount every month—just like you would with a long-term rental.

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Safer than Commission

Know how much money you will make in rental income in advance. Because you get fixed rental income every month regardless of occupancy, there is no risk of earning less due to seasonality or guest demand.

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Short-Term Rental Income, Long-Term Security

With Rented-Backed deals, reap the benefits of a short-term rental while having the security of a traditional lease. With a stream of guaranteed income higher than what you would earn on a traditional lease, Rented-Backed offers combine the best of both worlds.

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