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    Don't let your unused units go to waste.

    How It Works


    Post your unused inventory on


    Decrease vacancy as rental management companies compete for 52-week leases on your unused inventory.


    Meet with rental management companies to finalize details, and begin collecting revenue.
    Why Use

    Rented Resorts

    Bulk lease your unused inventory for guaranteed year-round inventory.

    • Increase your bottom line
    • Diversify your cash flow
    • Offset bad debt from unpaid maintenance fees with guaranteed income
    • Attract new guests to your property & increase spending on food, drink, spa packages, golf, etc.

    See How Rented Resorts Is Working

    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    A resort in Cabo listed its excess inventory on Two rental management companies purchased 24 rooms worth over $350,000 per year—just in rent. The resort expects to double its profits with spending from the new guests.

    South Padre, TX

    A Texas resort secured $528,000.00 in guaranteed income by using Rented Resorts to bulk lease 21 units with a rental management company.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We already have an active rental program. How is Rented Resorts different?

    With Rented Resorts, you have the opportunity to bulk lease your vacant inventory and guarantee year-round income. This can complement your existing rental program while reducing your risk by securing fixed, monthly income.

    What rental management companies do you work with? is partners with over 850 rental management companies and travel clubs across the world. All of the companies have been vetted and approved for the marketplace.

    Are we able to share in the upside from the rental management company's success?

    Absolutely! If you'd prefer to share in the upside, you'll likely make more money. Simply select the company that you think would do the best job of booking and marketing your resort to travelers.

    Can Rented Resorts help me monetize my inventory during the off-season?

    Yes, and we recommend you list your inventory for 52 weeks or more. As you'll be generating year-round, guaranteed income, Rented Resorts is your first real opportunity to generate steady income even in your off and shoulder seasons.

    How can I make sure I will not be competing with my existing rental program for bookings?

    You can do this by listing specific unit types on Rented Resorts, by setting a price floor with the rental management company you choose, or by bulk leasing all of your rental inventory.

    Where will rental management companies be marketing my units?

    Rental management companies will be marketing and booking inventory on short-term rental OTAs and/or their private club membership platforms.

    Relax. It's Rented.