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    Your second home, simplified.

    Relax. It's rented.

    Your second home, simplified.

    Relax. It's rented.

    Your second home, simplified.

    Relax. It's rented.

    Find the best professional Manager for your second home.

    You’ve found your dream vacation home.
    Now find your dream property manager.

    Finding the perfect person to care for your second home has never been easier.

    Recently rented

    Connecting homeowners with their perfect manager.
    The Choice Is Yours

    Decide which option is right for your home

    Guaranteed Income

    Receive a fixed amount each month regardless of occupancy. Managers provide turnkey service and bid with the highest amount of guaranteed income. You don’t pay commissions or fees.

    Shared Success

    Play for the upside. Managers bid to offer you the most competitive rates with the highest ensured standard of care. You choose the manager who is right for your home.

    Our Managers

    Find the manager your second home deserves

    We scour the globe for the most conscientious professional rental managers. Utilizing best-in-class third party background checks, our Rented.com certified managers treat your second home like it’s their first. Oh, and they pay you for the privilege.

    Connecting Homeowners with Managers

    Recently rented

    Connecting Homeowners with their perfect manager.

    San Clemente, CA

    2 Bedrooms 2.5 baths



    Denver, CO

    2 Bedrooms 2.5 baths


    Sonoma, CA

    2 Bedrooms 2.5 baths


    Palos Verdes, CA

    2 Bedrooms 2.5 baths


    Destin, FL

    2 Bedrooms 2.5 baths


    Panama City Beach, FL

    2 Bedrooms 2.5 baths


    Get Offers

    Choose the right manager for your home

    We know that sometimes it’s all about the numbers, and sometimes there is more involved. Review the managers. Find out who they are, what they are offering, and determine who is the best fit for you and your home.


    Relax. It’s rented.

    Let your chosen manager now do all of the hard work. Use your home when you want. Get paid when you don’t. It’s that easy.

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