Vacation Rental Dynamic Pricing Software

Meet Art: The Automated Rate Tool From Rented

Art helps short-term rental managers set the right price for every property, every night. Earn more for you, earn more for your homeowners with revenue management software.

*Full feature version for as low as $10 a month per listing

Revenue management software for vacation rentals

“I’m finding tremendous value in Art, as it allows me to create an optimized pricing structure that leverages both real data and my knowledge of the local rental market. I’ve only been utilizing Art for 30 days and I’ve already achieved hundreds of dollars in additional revenue per property which will pay for the solution many times over. Highly recommend!”

Mike Wesling, owner of Simply South Haven

Getting Started is Easy

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Make adjustments and start synching Art’s rates to your PMS when you’re ready

Rented Is Your Partner In Vacation Rental Revenue Management.

Rented’s dynamic pricing software for vacation rentals is built by industry pros for industry pros. Art helps vacation rental managers set the right price for every property, every night. We know that no piece of software will replace your expertise, but Art will help you and your team save time, stay in control, and price confidently.

Rented’s Automated Rate Tool (Art) delivers dynamic pricing recommendations, helps you make informed adjustments, and automatically updates your rates across your property management system (PMS) and major booking channels. You’ll benefit from advanced pricing models, simple yet powerful customization tools, and easy PMS integration.


Art delivers dynamic pricing recommendations, helps you make informed adjustments, and automatically updates your rates across your property management system (PMS) and major booking channels.

*$19/month per listing for full feature version

Base Rate

We use market data to determine a range of values to suggest the best base rate for your property. Base rate is the foundation of Art’s pricing.


Because your property might be more or less sensitive to changes in the market, you can adjust your seasonality curve to what fits your property best and easily see how that changes the model before confirming.

Easy to Use
Tape Chart

Quickly make changes to your pricing strategy for multiple contiguous days, non-contiguous days, weekends, whole months, whatever you decide all with just a couple of clicks.


Sort, filter, and make changes to groups of properties using our built-in filters or custom tags you set yourself. Use tags to easily adjust groups of listings with one change.

Custom Rates

Easily set fixed or percentage adjustments to any listings or dates you choose. Want to only increase weekends by 10% for your 2 bedrooms in June? With Art, you can do that with a few quick clicks.

Min Rate and
Maximum Rate

Because sometimes, you decide it’s in your best interest to ensure you earn a certain amount per day or set a maximum rate per day.

Time-based premiums
and discounts

Add up to 10 layered time-based premiums or discounts. Want to change your rate by 10% after 30 days? Want to decrease your rate by 10% gradually or static over the next 5 days? Art makes it easy.

Groups for Similar Listings

Groups allow you to manage similar properties by creating pricing rules and create a unique view that makes managing the cohort more easily.

Min Stays

Set a default global min stay, weekend min-stay, close min stay for upcoming dates, or far min stay for dates far in the future. Also set a gap min-stay for gap nights (include or exclude weekends). All with the ability to override your custom settings at anytime, easily.


See your listings’ occupancy for 7/30/90 days in the future, see the occupancy and ADR for your comp’s for any listing on any day.


Art delivers dynamic pricing recommendations globally, through our data warehouse with billions of data points from OTAs, our internal proprietary data, and external service providers. Pricing recommendations and dynamic pricing are available in thousands of markets and growing, covering 6 continents.

Dynamic Pricing FAQs

What Is Dynamic Pricing For Vacation Rentals, And Why Do I Need It:

Vacation rental managers used to set a few static rates: think weekday, weekend, peak season, and off-season. These days, technology (like Art!) enables managers to set flexible rates for every night that update regularly based on demand. This is dynamic pricing, also called demand pricing or surge pricing in some industries. It’s become the new standard for successful vacation rental revenue management. That’s because, when executed properly, dynamic pricing helps you capture the best rate for every booking—delivering a better return to your homeowners and making your business more profitable.

Why Does Art Develop Dynamic Pricing Recommendations For My Rentals?

The pricing models that power Art automatically analyze market data that we collect from other rentals in your area. We first use this data to set an initial base rate, and then look at the real-time demand for similar properties and adjust your nightly recommended rates accordingly.

What Makes Art’s Recommendations Differ From Other Short Term Rental Pricing Software?

We designed Art to provide a great starting point and support the kinds of customizations and overrides that we know will be required from time to time—including seasonal overrides, minimum stays, and bulk percent-based or fixed changes. You’ll also be able to fine-tune each property’s likelihood to be impacted by market demands with our Market Sensitivity dial, a new feature that’s unique to Art.

What Kinds Of Pricing Customizations Can I Make With Art?

We believe our models are the best in the industry because they are thoughtfully designed to compare every short-term rental to a small subset of relevant properties that share similar attributes (what our data scientists call a cohort). In our experience, many times, other dynamic pricing recommendations don’t hit the mark because they’re based on a large aggregate of rentals that may not actually compare to yours, even if they’re located in the same general area.

What If I Need More Help With Setting Rates For My Vacation Rentals?

If you don’t have a dedicated revenue manager or rate specialist on your staff, or if you just want a little more hands-on support for your portfolio’s VIP properties, we can help! You can upgrade your Art subscription to include full-service revenue management from our experienced team.