About Us

Rented is a team of dedicated vacation rental professionals with over 100+ years of combined experience in managing, marketing, and pricing vacation rentals. With diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets, we’re passionate about helping our clients grow their business by offering our revenue management services and Automated Rate tool to enable every property management company to benefit from dynamic pricing, maximize revenue, and Relax. It’s Rented.

Mission & Vision

At Rented, our mission is to sustainably support local communities in creating a global reach on their own terms.

We currently do this by strengthening and supporting local vacation rental management companies through access to world-class talent, technology, and resources.

We entered 2019 with hotel and vacation rental demand at an all time low. We needed more than a tool, we needed someone to help look at the whole picture. Thankfully, Rented, Inc. was able to close huge gaps within just 2 months.

Travis Wilburn

Owner, Stay Charlottesville

What We Value

At Rented, even though we are a distributed team, we are a close-knit group working together towards our passion: providing tools and services to help vacation rental managers be more successful. Our goal is to provide the best possible solutions for rental managers are defined through our company values which drive all decisions and strategies implemented.

Better for All

Transactions should only occur when all parties are better off.

Continuous Growth

We pursue continuous learning, improvement, and personal growth.

New Ideas

Ideas can and should come from anyone, anywhere. The source of an idea does not define its value.

Ownership & Autonomy

Our employees are our owners and they have the autonomy to achieve results the way they see best.

Intentional Execution

An idea is only as valuable as its execution.

All > Any

“All of us” is greater than any of us. Given the immensity of what we are pursuing, no individual can accomplish our goals alone.


With a blend of different skill sets, work experience, and industry expertise, our 100% remote team not only covers an immense area geographically but knowledgeably as well. As a result, we take a truly tailored approach to serve our customers by leveraging the cross-channel resources we have available between our Revenue Management, Partner Success, Finance, and Software Development teams. 

Leadership Team

With industry veterans and experienced start up founders, our leadership team is comprised of inventive and strategic leaders with a passion for vacation rental managers success. Our operations, sales and marketing and technology background in this industry is best in class.

Revenue Management

Our growing Revenue Management team has decades of pricing experience and is the foundation of Rented’s full-service management offering. The team is also closely integrated with our product development roadmap, they use Art all day, every day.

Customer Success

Rented’s clients, both full-service revenue management, and our Art clients are truly our partners, and our Customer Success Team is highly focused on providing support from onboarding through the lifetime of our clients. When you win, we win!

Product & Technology

Data science, user experience, and creating an innovative product are the foundation of our rockstar Technology team. Rented’s Art revenue management tool is cutting edge, and the talented team turns out new features on a regular basis. Call us biased, but we think it’s the best platform available!

Our Team

At Rented we are passionate about the right people in the right positions, and we are growing! Would you like to be part of a collaborative team, work remotely and contribute to our story? Drop us a line here and our team will be in touch!