What is Revenue Management

Revenue Management is the application of disciplined analytics that predict consumer behavior at the micro-market levels and optimize product availability and price to maximize revenue growth. The primary aim of Revenue Management is selling the right price at the right time, in front of the right guest (i.e., channel) for the right amount of time (nights), and under the right terms.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We are super happy with Rented, Inc.! They do everything for us, the others [automated pricing tool companies] just provide training and we are on our own. We do not have time for daily rate management. They are well worth the price and have made a dramatic difference in our revenues and performance.

Stefanie Gould

Owner, AZ Elite Properties

We have been very impressed with how communicative Rented has been, the personability of the team members (Talia, Kristin, Jessica), and the interest Rented has in our company as well. It has been a very pleasurable experience working with people who genuinely care about us as a company.

Amos Wheeler

General Manager, VillaStay Vacation Rentals

Working with Rented, Inc. has made me feel like I’ve got a whole new team to work with. They provide us with an entirely new offering to owners and amazing revenue management tools, both of which are key in today’s property management world.

Billy O’Sullivan

Owner, Princeville Vacation Rentals

Rented has more than doubled my revenue in the midst of a pandemic! Unreal!

Daniel Perry

Owner, Book Stay Hop

Competitive Comparison:
Rented gives Managers the two best options for optimizing Revenue

  • Art By Rented (Self Service)
  • RMS by Rented (Full Service)
  • In-house (Manual or Tech)
  • Competitor (Pricing Tools)
  • Dynamic rates informed by historical and demand based data
  • Varies
  • Varies
  • Curated cohort-specific pricing models led by dynamic
    changes in demand and supply
  • Intuitive interface making managing rates simple & fast
  • Varies
  • Varies
  • Visibility of ongoing performance & future trends
  • Varies
  • Varies
  • Access to expert Revenue Managers
    to inform strategy
  • Varies
  • Day-to-day execution of revenue management strategy by a team of expert 3rd party Revenue Managers on your behalf

Revenue Management

  • Robust Tools
    and Support
  • Simple for
    Property Managers

What’s Included in Revenue Management Services

Manual Oversight

of your pricing strategy. Automation often misses unforeseen factors like cancellations, last minute events, natural disasters, or economic changes that impact reservations.

Access to Experts

on our Revenue Management Services team and exposure to our extended network of Vacation Rental industry experts.

Performance Insights

on the photos, reviews, operational adjustments, and more for the properties in your portfolio.


that drive more revenue from guests to support both you and your homeowners’ bottom line.

Uncover Blind-Spots

in your portfolio’s historical data which is preventing it from performing at the level it’s capable of achieving.

Customized Tools

like Key Data Dashboards or informative flyers for homeowner conversations that illustrate the importance of dynamic pricing and having a well built Revenue Management strategy.

Property Management System Integrations

Our Revenue Management Service is compatible with these Property Management Systems:

booking automation

Have More Revenue Management Questions?

We know revenue management can be a complex topic.
We’ve put together the answers to the questions we are commonly asked.