Vacation Rental
Revenue Management

Earn more revenue for you and your homeowners with Rented’s Automated Rate Tool. Art provides dynamic pricing with powerful tools in an easy to use platform.

Save Time

Get a huge head start on your pricing strategy with Art’s recommended nightly rates.

Stay in Control

Make detailed custom adjustments to manage dynamic pricing with just a few clicks.

Price Confidently

Art uses models based on curated data sets that are relevant to your listings and your market so you’ll earn more.

Automated Revenue Management

Easy to Use Tape Chart

Quickly make changes to your pricing strategy for multiple contiguous days, non-contiguous days, weekends, whole months, or whatever you decide all with just a couple of clicks. Ease of use is Art’s middle name.

*Full feature version for as low as $10 a month per listing

Seasonality Adjustments

Because your property might be more or less sensitive to changes in the market, you can adjust your seasonality curve to what fits your property best and easily see how that changes the model before confirming.

*$19/month per listing for full feature version

Customized and Limitless Tags

Sort, filter, and make changes to groups of properties using our built-in filters or custom tags you set yourself. Tag properties as pet-friendly, waterfront or by new owner to make pricing modifications easily.

*$19/month per listing for full feature version

Custom Rates

Easily set fixed or percentage adjustments to any listings or dates you choose. Want to only increase weekends by 10% for your two- bedrooms in June? With Art, you can do that with a few quick clicks.

*$19/month per listing for full feature version

Min & Max Rates with Powerful Time Based Premiums & Discounts

Add up to 10 layered time-based premiums or discounts. Want to change your rate by 10% after 30 days? Want to decrease your rate by 10% gradually or static over the next 5 days? Art makes it easy.

*$19/month per listing for full feature version

Sample Base Rate

To provide a sample base rate for your property, we use market data to determine a range of values. Base rate is the foundation of Art’s pricing algorithms.

*$19/month per listing for sync  & full feature version

Groups for Similar Listings

Sort, filter, and make changes to groups of properties using our built-in filters or custom groupings you set yourself.

How Art Helps Your
Portfolio Perform


Every rate Art suggests is based on sophisticated pricing models that learn from billions of data points and based on demand and current market trends—all observed from similar properties in your market.


Art was built to be simple, and with ease of use. The tape chart is intuitive and allows you to manage all your listings in one workspace. But Art is very powerful with functionality to manage rates, mins stays, weekend, gap fills, and dynamically price for premiums and discounts too.


Art integrates with your PMS to distribute its dynamic prices to your website and across all booking channels. Our support team is here to assist and there’s never an integration setup fee. You can view our integrations here.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We are super happy with Rented, Inc.! They do everything for us, the others [automated pricing tool companies] just provide training and we are on our own. We do not have time for daily rate management. They are well worth the price and have made a dramatic difference in our revenues and performance.

Stefanie Gould

Owner, AZ Elite Properties

We have been very impressed with how communicative Rented has been, the personability of the team members (Talia, Kristin, Jessica), and the interest Rented has in our company as well. It has been a very pleasurable experience working with people who genuinely care about us as a company.

Amos Wheeler

General Manager, VillaStay Vacation Rentals

Working with Rented, Inc. has made me feel like I’ve got a whole new team to work with. They provide us with an entirely new offering to owners and amazing revenue management tools, both of which are key in today’s property management world.

Billy O’Sullivan

Owner, Princeville Vacation Rentals

Rented has more than doubled my revenue in the midst of a pandemic! Unreal!

Daniel Perry

Owner, Book Stay Hop

Get Hands-On Pricing from our Team of Dedicated Experts

For vacation rental managers that need hands-on support for pricing optimization rather than a pricing tool, our Revenue Management Service provides a dedicated revenue manager that specializes in handling every detail: setting prices, monitoring performance, and making custom adjustments.

We spend the time building and implementing custom pricing strategies, giving you the opportunity to focus on what you love most.

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