Relax. It’s rented.

Providing Guaranteed Income for Short-Term Rental Properties.


Consistent rental income and full service property management means ultimate peace of mind.


Earn more with less hassle by offering guaranteed income so you can focus on your company’s future.


Sell with ease and at a higher conversion rate by offering buyers a turnkey revenue stream.

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Why Owners Choose

With, short-term rental property owners can earn consistent monthly income without lifting a finger. We connect owners with local, top-performing property managers and offer fixed rental income, backed by Rented Capital.

Why Managers Choose

Growing a property portfolio is difficult and offering guaranteed income on your own can be risky – but neither have to be. With, you can easily connect with owners and offer fixed rent on every property you manage.

Why Realtors Choose

With the Rented Capital program, realtors can give new homeowners and investors the option of receiving fixed rent for their property and greater insight into the return on their investment.

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