March 31, 2016

How to Handle and Avoid the 4 Most Common Airbnb Complaints

People are different, and if you are going to rent your vacation home, you will have to be prepared to deal with a lot of customer needs. Even for the best homeowners, some situations simply cannot be predicted, and there is always a chance of negative reviews.

Even so, there are some scenarios that will guarantee complaints from your guests.

Here is what you can do to avoid and handle those issues:

1. “Not as described”

Be as upfront as possible when it comes to describing your property to potential renters. As renters will surely see the real condition of your vacation home, there is no point in trying to mislead your future guests. Use accurate photographs and descriptions of your property, or renters may leave reviews complaining that things do not seem “as described.”

This could spare a lot of unpleasant surprises to both the renters and to yourself. By portraying your vacation home accurately, you will give customers realistic expectations. You don’t need to have a 5-star interior or complicated and expensive appliances, but a clean and well-maintained space is absolutely mandatory.

2. Broken or unavailable appliances

Accidents happen, and if your guests damage something in your home, the least you can do is to warn the following guests. A non-functioning sauna or a broken appliance may not be as much of a problem if your guests know about it in advance. On the other hand, if guests are expecting to find particular items working and eventually find them out of order, they’ll likely be unpleased and vocal with their complaints.

Every vacation rental should have functioning appliances, so don’t be afraid to keep spare items that your guests can use while the first ones are being repaired. Always observe high hygiene and maintenance standards, and carry out regular cleaning and inspection sessions to prolong the endurance of the appliances in your property for rent.

3. Cleaning issues

There is no doubt that the most common complaints about vacation rental properties concern their cleanliness. Wear and tear is inevitable, but you should never give your guests a reason to complain about poor hygiene. Do a thorough cleaning before each group comes, and make sure you react immediately if your guests still require something to be cleaned.

Always allow enough time to vacuum under couches and beds, clean the towels, and check carefully for spills and food marks. You could also make a cleaning checklist that will help you create and follow a thorough cleaning routine. If you are using a cleaning service, make sure they are adhering to strict cleaning standards and will be able to come quickly if the new guests have issues with the property’s condition.

Should a situation arise, try quelling your guests by buying them a meal at a local restaurant and doing everything possible to bring them back into an absolutely immaculate home. Hygiene complaints have the potential to kill your vacation rental home’s image, so do your best to avoid them.

4. Construction noises

People hope for either a peaceful vacation or (in some unfortunate cases) a crazy and endless party. No one, however, will be happy if greeted by construction work happening in front of the veranda of the property they rented. To prevent guest complaints about noise from nearby construction, ask your neighbors in advance about construction plans.

Besides neighborhood construction, scheduled weddings and other rowdier events have the potential to upset vacationing renters. Avoid surprising your guests to decrease the chance of complaints and public negative feedback.

Furthermore, if you gain your guests’ trust and confidence by being honest, you will have the full right to expect them the next year.

Customer satisfaction is always incredibly important when operating your vacation rental. Follow those guidelines and treat your guests the way you want to be treated, and you will surely have very few customer complaints to handle.

Looking for someone else to deal with your vacation rental complaints? Give us a call at (844) 736-8334 to learn how we find you the right Airbnb manager for your vacation home.

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