July 1, 2016

How to Stock Your Airbnb For Any Guest

Stocking and preparing a vacation rental or Airbnb for your guests is very different than staging your average rental property or even hotel. Leave too much in the home, and it looks like clutter. Not enough in the home for the guests, and will they complain?

Simply put, a properly stocked vacation rental can make the difference between a one-time rental and a repeat customer. It can also give your guests some incentive to pay a higher price.

Overall, the correct items to stock your rental with will depend on the location of the property, the type of property and the type of guests who will be renting the property. There are also additional items that can be stocked in any vacation rental to help it rise from the “good rental” category to the “great rental” category.

Here are some tips:

Consider the location.

The location of the rental will play an important role in how you stock the rental.

Have a beach home? Include a surplus of towels, spare coolers for the beach, and perhaps some snorkeling gear and a pail and shovel for the kids.

Naturally, a cabin tucked away in the woods will require something different. Try providing backpacks, hiking gear, water bottles, and several maps of the area that outline the best hiking trails.

The location will likewise impact how you decorate the home. Develop a theme for your home that pays homage to the local area and mindset of your future guests, and choose paintings, decorations, and knickknacks that fit your theme.

Every guest likes to feel like they are somewhere special when away from home, and the atmosphere you create with your decorations and the things you provide will play a big role in this.

Stock that kitchen!

One of the major draws of staying in a vacation rental is the amenities, and the kitchen is arguably the most important.
Stock your kitchen as to not make your guests feel as if they should eat out a restaurant every night. Having a properly stocked (and cleaned) kitchen will also encourage your guests to feel at home and use it.

As a kitchen is so important for a vacation rental, your guests will notice if you go the extra mile when stocking it.

Here are a few items that should be considered mandatory for any great vacation rental:

  • Coffee pot, coffee, and filters
  • An ample supply of garbage bags
  • A full set of pots, pans, flatware, glasses, wine glasses, utensils, serving platters, and other eating/cooking necessities
  • Corkscrews and bottle openers
  • Oils, seasonings, sugar, and additional spices & condiments
  • A recipe book with recipes inspired by the area
  • Modern appliances: crock pots, processors, blenders, juicers, etc.
  • Paper towels, sponges, and kitchen cleaning supplies like dish soap, etc.

If you’re providing guests with a kitchen to use, they should always feel as if it’s entirely ready for them to use.
With a kitchen that is 100% stocked to their needs, they will also be far more likely to leave positive reviews about your rental and return in the future.

Having high-end, modern appliances and inviting granite also gives a valid reason to require a slightly higher rental price.

Don’t forget the bathrooms.

The same rules apply to all of the other rooms in your home: Create an environment where guests feel as if they already have everything they need to enjoy their stay in your home.

Soap, washcloths, and toilet paper should always be available in the bathrooms.

Also provide scales, shampoo and conditioner, soap, toothpaste and disposable razors. With so many guests used to staying in hotels, it’s important to provide the same things they do.

How to stock the bedrooms:

Bedrooms likewise require a lot of attention.

Provide an empty closet or drawers and a bookshelf to allow your guests to unpack and avoid feeling as if they’re staying in a cluttered or occupied home.

You could also provide the following:

  • A television
  • A comforter set and a backup
  • Extra blankets and throws
  • Pillows
  • Lamps
  • A full-length mirror
  • An alarm clock

The bedrooms and the living room will also be more appealing with an updated flatscreen television, cable, wifi access, and even Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming platforms.

Make your home away better than home.

At the end of the day, provide your guests with a home that is even better than home. They are paying, after all, and it is a vacation.

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