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February 16, 2018

13 Vacation Rental Home Upgrades That Pay Off

Have you been looking for ways to make your vacation rental more attractive to travelers and stand out from the other rentals in your area? Consider making a few small upgrades to your property.

Smart technology has become more accessible and affordable for homeowners in recent years, and these same individuals expect rental properties to come with these conveniences. In fact, many say they’re willing to pay more for a vacation rental if it’s enabled with smart tech. And with home hubs such as Alexa and Google Home, your guests can control the technology in your rental property from one convenient device.

Additionally, cosmetic updates to your property make it more appealing to renters. Quick transformations with paint or new bedding can help your property go from drab to fab relatively quickly.

Some vacation property owners shy away from making upgrades because of the initial upfront investment, but the following thirteen improvements are incredibly affordable and can help you gain more bookings.

1. Keyless Entry

A keyless entry system is ideal for vacation rentals. Instead of meeting and handing over a physical key, you can assign your renters a unique code to access the property. When they leave, you can quickly change that code.

Smart lock installation is fairly easy, and there are many advantages for property owners. For instance, you can receive an alert for every entry and exit, program code expiration dates and times, and set the deadbolt to auto-lock after five minutes.

2. Smart Thermostats

Most smart thermostats can be controlled from smartphones, and many have built-in motion sensors that activate an HVAC system automatically. These devices can also learn occupants’ routines and start or stop the system based on that information. With this upgrade, your renters will experience comfortable temperatures and you’ll save on energy costs.

3. Fast Wi-Fi

Travelers bring all types of devices on vacation, and they want to share photos and play games like they do at home. Hotels fall short in their internet offerings, charging travelers high fees or offering the service only in public areas—but your property can quickly stand out if you include fast Wi-Fi.

Invest in a lightning-fast connection so renters can keep up with their wireless needs and have a better experience with your property.

4. Smart TV

Smart TVs have a user-friendly interface so renters can access music and video streaming services. There’s no worrying about using the correct input or pressing multiple buttons because the TVs’ software is intuitive. Your guests enjoy their time in your home more, and there’s only one remote for them to use—or lose—instead of two or three.

5. Bedside Charging Stations

If you make only one technology upgrade from this list, it should be adding bedside charging stations for your guests. Travelers use smartphones and tablets for reading, taking photos, listening to music, and even checking local weather, and those items require recharging. Purchase alarm clocks or lamps with USB plug-in options and place them on bedside tables in your vacation home. Include a card on the nightstand with the Wi-Fi password for a nice touch.

6. New Flooring

New flooring can do wonders in making a space feel updated. Older carpet shows wear, and visitors will judge the condition of your rental home if they see stains or low-quality carpet. Upgrade your flooring by replacing outdated carpet and linoleum with higher-grade carpet and tile. The higher-quality carpet may come at a bigger price, but it won’t need to be replaced as often as cheaper options. Select a quality pad so your guests feel the difference underfoot and the long-term quality of your carpet is enhanced.

7. Nice Bedding

Guests expect vacation homes to have luxuries similar to high-quality hotels, and comfortable mattresses and nice bedding are upgrades they desire. Spend the extra money on quality mattress pads, 100% cotton sheets with a high thread count, and decorative bed spreads or duvet covers. Your visitors won’t want to spend their vacations sleeping on the leftover bedding from your primary residence, and you want to create a deluxe escape for them.

8. Smart Lighting

Whole-house lighting allows you to easily control your home’s lights though an app on your phone, and you can customize them to execute certain actions based on behaviors or programs you create.

Smart lighting is the perfect choice for increased security at your property because you can light your home when it’s unoccupied. Smart outdoor lighting can also act as a motion detector, keeping the exterior well lit and safe.

9. Snacks and Water

After traveling, your guests will arrive at your home hungry and looking to get settled in. Stock your kitchen with bottled water and snacks as welcome gifts for your guests. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and the snacks could tide them over until they have time to grocery shop.

Purchase the refreshments in bulk to save money, and offer a variety of healthy snacks mixed with special treats, such as fruit, granola bars, and chocolate.

10. Smart Smoke Detectors

If you’re looking to give your guests peace-of-mind and save money on your insurance premiums, install smart smoke detectors in your property.

These tech items can alert you via smartphone when batteries are low or when something’s amiss. Some models even monitor smoke and carbon dioxide levels and your property’s overall air quality.

11. New Paint

When selecting a paint color, think about the atmosphere you want to create in your vacation rental. Cool tones create a calm feeling, bold tones energize. Neutral colors are always a good choice for a rental home because they appeal to the most people.

12. Smart Water Systems

Many property owners manage their vacation homes from afar, and some have been surprised by unexpected issues arising at their property, such as flooding. By the time the source of the problem is identified, there can be substantial destruction to the property. Smart moisture sensors can detect serious leaks and water damage, and smart sprinklers make maintaining lush landscapes easier without the risk of overwatering and associated property flooding.

13. Smart Security Systems

Security systems give your tenants peace of mind that they’re safe in your home. Investing in a smart security system also allows you to keep an extra eye on your vacation property.

Some high-tech options even use artificial intelligence and facial recognition security cameras that learn your guests’ features and catalogue visitors. These systems offer round-the-clock protection through discreet sensors and allow you to check in from anywhere.

Savvy travelers want more than free toiletries on their vacation. They’re looking for a great trip they can remember. Making some of these improvements and branding your vacation property as an upgraded rental will make your property more marketable, and you’ll benefit from more reservations.

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