December 9, 2018

New Year’s Eve Best Practices for Vacation Rentals

New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching and guests will be looking to have a good time. They’ll want to bring in 2019 the right way, and you can help them! New Year’s Eve is about celebrating the coming year with parties, food, ball drops, and resolutions. To capitalize on this day, you’ll need to leverage your expert knowledge of the area. Follow these best practices to make their stay the best thing they remember about 2018.

New Year's Fireworks

New Year’s Celebration

There are a few New Year’s staples that you’ll want to consider.


Similarly to Independence Day and Labor Day, people love to shoot fireworks just as the New Year is ringing in. What are the regulations in your area? Some areas will let you shoot fireworks as long as you’d like. Some areas require you to be finished by 1 A.M. New Year’s Day. Some areas require a permit. Be sure to do your due diligence so your guests are aware of the laws in the region. You can also alleviate some of this burden by simply pointing your guests to the best fireworks show in town. They get a professional show, and you can save yourself a little worry.

New Year's Party


The nightlife list probably won’t differ much from the one you typically provide to guests. No matter the time of year, guests want to know where to party and where to eat. But many of the bars, clubs, and restaurants in your area will probably be having special events for New Year’s. Be sure to include some of these in your correspondence with guests. If there’s an event happening really close to your rental, this may be an opportunity to forge a new relationship with a local business. You both could benefit from keeping each other in mind in the New Year.

New Year's Time Square

The Ball Drop

It’s the most important part of New Year’s. Be sure your guests know exactly how they can watch it. Not everyone can make it to Times Square for New Year’s, but everyone can find a way to see the ball drop. If there’s a real ball drop happening near you, let your guests know where it is and the best way to get there. Ball drops are typically crowded, so include a list of public transportation options just in case. If they’re going to have to watch it on TV, make sure they know what channel it’ll be on. They’re probably going to be from another region, so the channel selection may be a little different.

New Year's Champagne

New Year’s Treat and Eats

What’s the one thing everyone needs to toast the new year? Champagne! You may want to consider having some on-site. It shows that you’re really trying to cultivate the guests’ experience around the holiday. There are also some traditional foods that people believe give good luck going into the new year. Having some of these ingredients on-site for guests that are a little superstitious will really show you’re going the extra mile to generate an amazing experience for them. This could also introduce others to a new tradition. Lastly, if your guests are coming from another country to experience an American New Year’s, you may want to look into providing them some extra comfort by catering to some of their cultural New Year’s traditions.

In Conclusion

Holiday guests want the fun without the hassle. They want you to be the perfect guide to show them highlights of an area they don’t know. Lean on your expertise to show them a great time. You’ll be ringing in the new year the right way!


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