November 15, 2021

Meet the Women of the Vacation Rental Industry: Taylor Hill

Meet Taylor Hill, Business Development Manager of KeyData

Leading up to the Vacation Rental Women’s Summit, we’re catching up with the women in our industry to learn more about their journey and passion for the vacation rental space, let’s learn more about Taylor!

What Is Key Data?

Key Data is the #1 Trusted Data & Analytics Source for vacation rental managers. The software aggregates historical and forward-looking data in real-time providing the hospitality industry’s leading performance analytics & comparative data dashboards for professional vacation rental managers, tourism organizations, and investment funds.

Why Key Data?

Tired of compiling data from multiple places to see how your company is performing? Key Data brings all of your vacation rental data into one place so you can spend less time gathering data and building reports and spend more time optimizing on insights.

Taylor’s thoughts on the “right” role:

Finding the right place to work is huge—be selective when picking your future employer. Make sure it’s the right fit for you and that you’re not just checking a box. It’s not just about finding a position that you’re qualified for or what you would bring to that particular company, but also what opportunities that company will provide for you. 

How did you begin your career in the vacation rental industry?

I started as an administrative assistant for a vacation rental company in Panama City Beach, FL. 

What was your experience as a female-identifying person (FIP) then vs now?

I worked hard for all of my opportunities, and I’m fortunate to have worked for both women and men that took a chance on a young woman in the vacation rental management industry. 

Who mentored you and your career? Were there FIP’s in leadership roles around you?

I’ve really looked up to Talia from Rented. It’s awesome seeing a woman in a leading role who also has a great family/work life balance.   

What is your advice for FIP’s looking to grow their career in the VRM industry? 

There’s nothing you can’t do. I think that it’s important to remember the only thing holding you back sometimes is yourself, have confidence in everything you do!  


Rented is proud to sponsor the Vacation Rental Women’s Summit this December 2-3 in New Orleans. There’s still time to register here, and join us for an amazing conference different from any other!

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