December 6, 2021

Meet the Women of the Vacation Rental Industry: Jenna Fuhrman

So, ya’all… we just got back from the Vacation Rental Women’s Summit, and it was sooooo amazing that we are going to continue to catch up with the women in our industry to learn more about their journey and passion for the vacation rental space, let’s learn more about Jenna!

Jenna is an experienced Marketing Manager thriving in the Short-Term Rental Industry. Passionate about building relationships, strategic marketing, & software. She’s an energized professional who is striving daily to grow Rent Responsibly’s brand awareness & digital footprint. And she’s always working to strategize, implement, and market successful campaigns with measurable results.

About Rent Responsibly:

Rent Responsibly is the community building and education platform for local short-term rental alliances. Our tools and alliance management services equip local leaders to build successful, self-sustaining organizations of short-term rental hosts, managers, and all other stakeholders. We make it easy for leaders and members to connect, collaborate, solve common challenges, advocate for themselves, steward their communities, and rent responsibly.

About Jenna:

Just had to share this post on LinkedIn from Jenna… just sums up all of our experience!

This week at the VRM Intel vacation rental women’s summit, I learned ways your body responds to stress and how the healing process works. Loneliness can hinder the process extremely. So, I just wanted to make sure to take this opportunity to brighten your newsfeed on this Friday with cute dog pictures. Companionship to heal stress does not only need to be human interaction, it can be a dog in a one bedroom apartment during a global pandemic to help get you through. Also, Happy 5th Birthday, Phoebe. (I’ll make sure she sees this post 🐶).

Let’s Learn More about Jenna!

How did you begin your career in the vacation rental industry?

TravelNet Solutions took a chance on me five years ago, with just a year’s worth of post-college experience. I thought the role, the company, and the industry were too good to be true. But here I am, still blessed to be a part of this amazing community to this day. 

What was your experience as a female-identifying person (FIP) then vs now?

In the last five years, I have found my voice. I am confident pulling a chair up at any table and being heard. My opportunities have helped me grow my leadership skills and have challenged me to have those hard conversations around gender inequalities in our workspace.

Who mentored you and your career? Were there FIP’s in leadership roles around you?

I really look up to Paul Manzey, who worked with me at TravelNet Solutions. Paul took a chance on hiring me with little to no marketing experience, but empowered me to be who I am today with the support and tools I’ve needed. His work ethic, passion, and drive to help others in this industry is admirable. Secondly, I’d love to shout out Dawn Yeskulsky. She leads by example. If you want to hear a powerful story of women in leadership, chat with Dawn. She is inspirational and an amazing mentor. Lastly, shout out to the amazing team of women (and Dave!) who I get to learn from every single day at Rent Responsibly: Alexa, Abbi, Bri, Paris, and Dana. 

What is your advice for FIP’s looking to grow their career in the VRM industry? 

Being part of the short-term rental community is a life-changing experience. Do it, and do it as soon as you can. You will have the best group of women supporters behind you to help you grow. Always stay humble, hungry, and smart. 


Rented was so proud to sponsor the Vacation Rental Women’s Summit this December 2-3 in New Orleans. Check out the speaker line up and you can still buy the full video package here, to experience an amazing conference different (and better) from any other!

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