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December 17, 2021

Art Product Roadmap 2021

Product News from Team Rented

Rented really is a team of revenue managers, property managers, and technology, sales, and marketing professionals all from vacation rental backgrounds. We built our Automated Rate Tool, Art, because our team has used all the revenue management software offerings and we knew we could create something special. But we also know that you know your business, you know what works and what could be better! So you asked, we listened is our year-end overview of Art and our product roadmap journey throughout 2021.

Happy pricing,

Team Rented

Fast You Say?

Software should be responsive, easy to use, but most importantly fast! You don’t want to see a page loading or circling icon on your screen while you wait for the software to catch up with what you are doing. We all know that the list of other things to do is never-ending. Rented has dedicated great resources and a focus on a fast tool, whether you are pricing a couple of listings or thousands, be assured you can make adjustments quickly and updates appear in real-time on the tapechart. The fastest in the industry by far!

Too Many Screens, Tabs, or Window Open

Art’s Tapechart is the HEART of the software. And this means it is your workspace for revenue management and dynamic pricing. You don’t have to go deep into screens or open more than one browser tab to use Art. By design, the clean and simple interface means you can always find what you need to do, through a variety of search and filtering options. Easy!

Make the Basics Easy

Set up, importing listings, and setting minimum and maximum rates should be simple. With Art it is. And reviewing seasonality and market sensitivity should be easy too you say. Yes, we agree and Art’s onboarding and getting started are completed with just a few steps.

Flexibility In Pricing for Our Clients

Rented wants each and every manager to be successful, we really do. So when we built out our pricing strategy we wanted to be able to provide a few things… no contract. Yes, start or stop at any time. And no onboarding or getting started fees. Ever. These are benefits we wanted to provide to our client partners, but most interesting is the ability for you to turn on or off Syncing to your PMS, and this updates your billing for the month. Turn on and off as you like!

NEW!!! Groups for Maximum Pricing Power

We’re so excited to share Groups with you! Launching this week, the ability to create Groups of similar listings, and then manage all the listing and pricing details to that group is a powerful tool that will even further reduce the time needed to manage pricing and benefit the most from Art and dynamic pricing.

Fun With Tags!

With tags, you can create simple views for listings that have similarities. Have brand new properties, add a tag. What about all within a similar HOA and restrictions, use a tag. There’s no limit to the ways you can use tags, and once listings are tagged, you can filter to a tag and then manage pricing in one view, all on the Tapechart.

Dynamic Minimum Stays, Of Course!

Manage gap rules and create dynamic minimum stays based on occupancy and broken weekend rules. Driving occupancy for orphaned nights and picking up nights booked for weekends where gaps occur can be easily solved by setting dynamic rules for minimum night requirements.

Time-Based Premiums and Discounts

Art has sophisticated premium and discount functionality that will allow you to increase or decrease pricing over a period of time. The adjustments can be made as a flat amount or can decrease or increase over time frames that you can set. Name the adjustments so you can easily track them, and you can apply up to 10 per listing to help with things like expiring inventory, advanced bookers, or even events or local impacts to your market.

Tell Us More…

At Rented our Revenue Management, Product, and Development teams are always striving to create the best tools for you to maximize your portfolio revenue, improve your key performance metrics and create happy homeowners and guests. Do you have feedback, ideas, or anything you would like to share with us? Please complete the form here! We’d love to hear from you.

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