Vacation rental homeowners and guests practice sustainability
July 26, 2022

How To Help Your Vacation Rental Guests Practice Sustainability

6 Ways Your Vacation Rental And Guests Can Practice Sustainability

With the crisis of climate change looming large, people are looking for ways they can do their part in every aspect of life. And that includes when taking vacations. Traveling can be hard on the planet. But there are ways that you (and your guests) can make a difference.

1. Add Low-flow Water Systems to Your Vacation Rentals

Water conservation is particularly crucial in parts of the country where drought tends to strike. An easy way to manage water usage in your vacation rentals is to install low-flow water systems, like water-conserving shower heads and faucets. Today’s low-flow water systems have become more and more sophisticated in their technology and design, so you can still provide your guests with a luxurious bathroom experience without compromising on design or water pressure. Install a modern dishwasher with a high energy star rating. 

2. Opt for Natural Landscaping

Encourage your homeowners to embrace natural landscaping, perhaps one that includes lots of native plants to attract pollinators and fascinating local wildlife. While green lawns look nice, they can be expensive to maintain and a massive waste of water. Swap out a sprinkler system for drip irrigation—this method keeps gardens looking lovely while cutting water usage, and you can still automate it, so no one has to turn on the hose! 

3. Go Solar

Let the house make its own energy by adding solar panels! Read up on your local utility company’s solar programs. In some states, they’ll buy some of the energy you make from your solar panels and put it towards the general power grid, saving you money and curtailing the use of non-renewables like natural gas. 

4. Use Smart Thermostats to Regulate Energy Use

The energy it takes to manage a house’s temperature can be extraordinary. If funds and resources allow it, upgrade your vacation rentals’ heating and cooling system with more energy-efficient options. Then, use smart thermostats so guests can control the temperature. When guests aren’t home, the thermostats go into standby mode, keeping the energy use of the property low. 

5. Eliminate Plastic Where You Can

Plastic is one of the hardest things to avoid because it’s everywhere. But there’s one place property managers control single-use plastics: The bathroom. 

The days of travel-size soaps in plastic bottles are over. It’s time to upgrade your vacation rental to a more sustainable option: refillable soap containers. Many models out there look lovely in any rental and are easy for your staff to refill. And it cuts back on the amount of plastic waste your vacation rental business generates. Top it off with an eco-friendly soap option.

6. Stock Your Kitchen With Eco-friendly Products

Let your guests make good, eco-friendly choices by offering them sustainably-minded products, including soaps, paper products, and Tupperware. Add metal straws (with the cleaners!) to your utensil drawer. There are even reusable coffee lids that you can put on Mason jars for DIY coffee tumblers!  

Offering sustainable vacation methods is good for business—not only are you demonstrating a sense of responsibility to your guests and community, but you’re also making an impact in an industry that is traditionally hard on the environment. Be the change. 

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