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October 14, 2022

Traits and Habits of an Amazing Vacation Rental Property Manager

Whether you want to become a vacation rental property manager or you’re looking to hire one, for a manager of vacation rentals to be successful in his or her role, it’s important that the individual has the right traits and habits to be amazing in the position.

Here are just a few of the top traits and habits that the very best managers in the vacation rental industry should have.


Seeing as vacation rental property managers will be interacting with vacationers day-in and day-out during the holiday seasons, they need to be warm, welcoming, and friendly. So, possessing strong personal skills is a must.

First and lasting impressions are important in the vacation rental industry because they can make the difference between vacationers returning year after year.

By giving everybody VIP treatment, from the moment they make the booking to the moment they leave the rental site, property managers can ensure the vacationers are happy and that there’s a high degree of return guests the following year.

Strong Communication

Vacation rental property managers need to be effective communicators with both the guests booking in and their members of staff.

Being able to listen well, respond to inquiries, and clearly inform people about the things they need to know is a vital trait that all vacation rental property managers need to possess. 

A High Degree of Relevant Knowledge

To be effective communicators, managers of vacation rentals need to be knowledgeable about what it takes to run a vacation rental site, have a thorough knowledge of the site and properties, and be able to answer any questions and address any problems that guests or members of staff have.

Also, managers will often be involved with the marketing side of the business, so they need to have a high degree of relevant knowledge to run effective promotional campaigns.

Managers should also be very knowledgeable about the local area. The more information they can give to guests about the best places in the vicinity to eat, walk, and sight-see, for instance, the more rewarding experience guests will have.

In turn, that means the guests are more likely to return the following year and also recommend the vacation rental properties to their friends.

A High Level of Organization

Every vacation rental property manager needs to be highly organized for operations to run smoothly every day.

For instance, calendars and information for guests should be updated regularly, prices should be set at least eighteen months in advance, and daily operations for the manager and members of staff should be planned in detail for each day of work.

Thankfully, you can organize your real estate business better when you use a downloadable real estate transaction management spreadsheet to manage transactions, add key data, keep track of dates, and get an overview of the most critical data.

Time Management

To be highly organized, vacation rental property managers also need to possess great time management skills.

Every day, there are sure to be multiple tasks and issues to juggle and attend to, so managers need to be able to manage their time well. They also need to be on top of time management for delegating tasks to employees.

Keeping an Eye on the Competition

Amazing vacation rental property managers know how to go above and beyond what is expected of them. One area in which they should focus their attention is the local competition.

When a manager is knowledgeable about other vacation rentals in the local area and continually monitors their services and prices, the manager can better manage his or her own site and marketing campaigns.

For more information about the right rates to charge for a vacation rental, check out these three dynamic pricing takeaways from the Data and Revenue Management Conference 2022.

Always Learning

Lastly, for vacation rental property managers to be amazing at their jobs, they need to be continually learning.

That could refer to better ways of doing things on-site, staying updated with things like new airlines operating nearby, and keeping an eye on industry news. When managers are always learning, they can provide better services and attract more guests.

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