November 16, 2022

See What Bugs Vacation Rental Guests the Most, The Results Might Surprise You

The scaling up of travel plans as we move further toward a healthy economy again is generally good for tourists and businesses alike. While it’s certainly a positive upswing, there are inevitable drawbacks to a recovered travel economy. 

How many times have you walked into a hotel or timeshare and wanted to rebook elsewhere? Whether it was immediately or after a few hours into your stay. So, we asked vacation rental guests what bugs them most about vacation rentals and the results might surprise you. Let’s take a look. 

Messiness and Clutter

The last thing vacation guests want to walk into while on a stress-free getaway is a cluttered, unclean rental. After the global pandemic, a hygienic property is a must-have amenity to keep guests happy. 

Complaints on the level of cleanliness rank high up there on the list of what makes an unhappy guest. Many guests won’t hesitate to leave negative reviews when it comes to things like unwashed countertops, dusty surfaces, or left-over food in the fridge. 

Something as simple as a stray cobweb can cause guests to leave a negative response. For hosts that want to avoid the unintended consequences of a bad cleaning review, be sure to allow yourself time to follow a thorough cleaning schedule before the next guests arrive. 

Wi-Fi Capabilities

Let’s face it. Pretty much anywhere you travel to these days, Wi-Fi will be available. Even remote, off-the-grid cabins can be Wi-Fi connected. With the overwhelming prevalence of internet connectivity, a common complaint heard from guests relates to issues with Wi-Fi. 

Some guests have reported frustrations with confusing or unclear smart appliances, or how to connect to a Wi-Fi network. If a guest has to search high and low for a router to reset or a password to type in, you can expect to get some complaints in the future.


Vacation should be a time of rest, adventure, and relaxation. For those visiting packed cities, even those who visit more remote locations, loud noises hit high up on the list of vacation annoyances. 

Whether it’s unexpected construction work outside the bedroom window, or loud parties emanating from the unit next door, loud noises can really throw a wrench in a planned and ideally peaceful vacation time. 

When that jet lag hits, the last thing travelers want to contend with is a construction crew hammering away at all hours. Try to warn guests of any potential loud interruptions that might occur during their stay. Better yet, schedule any construction updates for when guests are gone.


From broken toasters to shower temperatures stuck on scalding, damages are an inevitable part of owning a home or rental property. However, this doesn’t mean guests should not be the ones to deal with or fix damaged items during their stay. 

Damages can also include things like improper key codes for garage access or jammed doors. More specifically, visual damages like cracked windows or clogged gutters can be highly unappealing for guests. This can lead to negative reviews and lack of future bookings. 

Accidents happen but most guests tend to care for the property they stay in. This should go both ways. Damages left unfixed is never a good look and having a handyman or professional come in to spruce things up can make a world of difference for a comfortable stay.

Missing Items

Have you ever used a vacation home’s kitchen to cook a meal with your family or friends and noticed the lack of necessary utensils or appliances? Perhaps you’ve gone to use the restroom and the soap was out or toilet paper was nowhere to be found. 

It can be easy to forget stocking a rental with everyday items, but something as simple as a working set of knives or cutting boards can make all the difference for long-term and short-term guests alike. Lack of towels, linens, even dishwasher detergent are all common amenities that should be stocked for each guest.

For dedicated coffee drinkers, a missing or broken coffee pot can mean the difference between a groggy morning and a productive start to the day. Some may argue guests can head out and grab a latte from a local shop. While this may be true, some prefer to start their day at home with a warm cup in hand. Small amenities like this can make or break the positive impact of a guests’ stay.

Lack of Response

It can be hard to anticipate the needs of every traveler across the globe. Comfort levels vary widely from person to person, but when a complaint arises, the same thing remains for just about everyone: complaints should be handled timely. An uncommon complaint is that complaints aren’t always handled appropriately.

Is the owner or manager easy to get a hold of? Have they made it known where to find the front door key or have provided the code to enter? If there is a lack of towels in the bathrooms, are guests able to submit a request efficiently? 

For all the complaints listed above, a lack of response or inability to get a hold of someone in charge can take the cake for vacationers. Travel can be inherently difficult. Knowing that you can get ahold of someone for fixes such as a leaky gutter or broken coffee pot will help make a stay that much more enjoyable. Being well taken care of and listened to is the ultimate amenity. 

Ready to Check In?

Travel may be back, but it certainly looks different than it did a few years prior. However, complaints from guests haven’t changed much and are an unavoidable part of owning a vacation rental. 

Fielding complaints comes with the territory. It’s important to remember that guests and hosts alike make mistakes. How each scenario gets handled after the fact can mean the difference between a happy customer or a scathing review.

By understanding these common complaints that arise, owners can plan ahead to help mitigate any potential issues.

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