January 6, 2023

How To Promote Your Vacation Rental Business With Instagram

In the age of social media, there are so many ways that you can promote your vacation rental property. One of the best sites to use right now is Instagram. If you’ve never thought of using it before, here’s why you should consider it, and how you can get the best results from it. 


Why Use Instagram For Promotion?

You may already use Instagram with a personal account, but it’s become an excellent way to promote businesses. That’s partially thanks to the amount of users they have, as there are more than 500 million active daily users. That’s a lot of people that you could potentially advertise to. 

There are lots of benefits to using the platform, including:

Growing your network: Create an account for your rental property, and you’ll quickly see that there are lots of people out there who would be interested in it. Getting their eyes on you will get them to consider you for their next vacation. Plus, you’re able to engage with them on Instagram, and that will help you build a relationship with them.

That’s not all though, as the platform allows you to be in touch with other businesses in the area, such as restaurants and tourist attractions. Having those relationships will make it easier for you to sell your rental, as you can show off what your property offers. 

Get visibility: It’s likely that you’re having to compete with a lot of other rental properties in the area. You want to get the edge and show potential renters that you have the best one. Having a well curated Instagram account is a good way of doing this, as you can put your property in front of a wide audience.

“To get eyes on you, creating good content is crucial” says social media blogger Jason Hills, from Ox Essays and UK Top Writers. “Combining that with the right hashtags will go a long way.” Hashtags, which are words or phrases with the # sign in front of them, are an efficient way of marking your posts as being about a certain topic. For example, using #floridavacationrental would mark your post as being about a vacation rental property in Florida. 

Send visitors to your site: As a rental property owner, you’ll always be looking to get people to your website. It’s where all the info about the vacation rental is, and viewers can book directly through it. Your Instagram account will help you get eyes on that website, driving views and bookings. 

As you’re driving traffic towards your site, you’ll be able to take those bookings directly. That reduces your reliance on sales channels, and ensures that you get more revenue from each booking you take. 

Stay in touch with repeat guests: As a vacation rental property owner, relationships with repeat guests is so important. You want them to have a good experience with you, and keep coming back. Instagram allows you to stay in touch with those guests, and keep your property in their mind when they’re planning their next vacation.

Being able to talk to them on Instagram will help you build up and maintain those relationships with them. They’re likely to share pictures of themselves staying at your property, and having reviews like that will help with getting new business. 

Show off your property: Instagram at heart is a photo sharing platform, and you can take full advantage of that. Use it to show off the very best pictures of your property, and what makes it a great place to stay. 

On top of that, you can also share pictures of what your property is like to stay at, and attractions nearby that they can check out. It’s a good way of showing off everything that your property has to offer. 

Using Instagram, you can engage with users, show off your property, and grow your network. Here’s how you can get the most out of the platform and bring in that new business. 


How To Get Started On Instagram

Now you know all the benefits of putting your vacation rental property on Instagram, you’ll want to get started. Here’s how to make your account and start using it. 

Create a business account: When you start setting up your account, make sure that you select the option to make it a business account. This gives you tools you can use to measure how people interact with it, something that’s vital for marketing. 

“You can take advantage of visitor and click through rates, as well as other metrics” says Keira Bell, a writer with State Of Writing and Boom Essays. “You’ll also be able to create adverts and click through campaigns.”

Post compelling content: You need to be creating regular content that shows off what your property has to offer. It doesn’t always have to be pictures of full rooms. Pictures showing off smaller details of the property are also great. 

You’ll also want to take advantage of user generated content. With consent, share and repost pictures that your guests have posted in your property. That helps people considering your property visualize themselves staying there. 

Make use of hashtags: Hashtags, as mentioned earlier, will help mark your content to help the right audience find it. The best way to use them is to mix some generic hashtags, that get a lot of views, with some more specific ones. 

Take advantage of all the features: There are lots of features that you can take advantage of on Instagram. Guides, for example, will let you create guides for the local area, and Reels lets you share 15 second clips. These are all useful to you, so experiment and see which features increase your engagement. 

There are so many ways that Instagram can help with your vacation rental business. Use the features it has to show off the property, build connections, and start getting more bookings. The sooner you create that account and get posting, the better. 




Jenny Han is a writer for Academized and Dissertation Services. She covers the travel industry, specializing in vacation rentals. She also contributes to Paper Fellows.


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