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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to some great questions

    What is rented.com?

    Rented.com is the first wholesale marketplace for short-term rentals and the sharing economy. We provide owners with a way to get guaranteed or commission-based income from their properties in a single transaction, and we give managers access to new properties in the most efficient way possible.
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    Who will be buying the rental rights?

    The professional managers on Rented.com are all registered members of the site. To ensure the integrity of the marketplace, we charge managers subscription fees for access to the listings. Our managers range from small scale, local companies to the multi-million dollar global companies looking to grow even larger.
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    How is Rented.com different?

    Rented.com, unlike Airbnb, VRBO, and many other diy rental sites, was built specifically for the homeowner that does not want to deal with the hassle of managing their second home. Our platform allows homeowners to receive multiple bids from professional property managers...
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    How long does it take to create a listing?

    Our listing process is simpler than that on most rental sites, and it should take less than five minutes to complete. If you already have a listing for your property, just paste the url here , and we will create the listing for you.
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    Additional Questions

    Some more answers to some great questions

    Rented.com helps homeowners find the right Airbnb manager for their second homes.

    With a free network of over 600 professional vacation rental managers, Rented.com makes it easy to find, compare, and choose the right local manager to take care of everything from cleaning to check-ins.

    We currently service 6 continents, over 60 countries, 42 states, and hundreds of cities.

    Rented.com is not an Online Travel Agent (OTA) or listing site like Airbnb or VRBO that is designed to connect hosts with guests. Instead, Rented.com helps vacation rental homeowners find a property manager to manage all bookings, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

    Unlike other property management arrangements, Rented.com also allows you to sell all your weeks at once to a property management company. This generates guaranteed income for you and passes off the risk to the property management company.

    Rented.com may not be right for everyone. That being said, experience has proven that for the vast majority of people, we are the best option. This is because we can offer you the time-saving benefits of using a professional manager, while also eliminating risk associated with traditional rentals. Rented.com can likewise help you earn you more. With our competitive marketplace, you can be certain that you are receiving the best deal possible.

    If you do not rent out your home today, the relative benefits are even greater. Not only do you receive monthly payments while still having access to your property, you also get the benefit of having a professional manager take care of your property for you.

    There is likewise no obligation to accept an offer should you partake in our marketplace. If you choose not to accept any offers, you lose nothing, and you are free to return to your previous way of doing things.

    Rented.com truly is a way to minimize your risk, save yourself time, and earn income from your property.

    There is no minimum, but managers prefer you list a home for three months or more. The maximum and typical listing period on Rented.com is twelve months.

    Our listing process is simpler than that on most rental sites, and it should take less than five minutes to complete. If you already have a listing for your property, just paste the URL and we will create the listing for you.

    The professional managers on Rented.com are all registered members of the site. To ensure the integrity of the marketplace, we charge managers subscription fees for access to the listings. Our managers range from small scale, local companies to the multi-million dollar global companies looking to grow even larger.

    Also, look for the Rented.com certified seal. These managers have been verified via our third-party background checks for financial, legal, and operational excellence.


    We understand that there will be times when an owner and manager (even when the offer is good for both parties) will not be a good fit for each other. For this reason, once the bidding process is complete, you can review your offers and speak with the management company before deciding whether or not you want to accept an arrangement with a local manager.

    Rented.com is aware of how important it is to you that your property be cared for and maintained. There are multiple layers of protection for this:

    1. Legal: When the transaction is complete, you will sign a legally binding contract with the manager that guarantees that the manager will return the property to you in good condition.

    2. Formal Market Feedback: The contract also stipulates that the manager is responsible for the cost of maintenance and repairs up to 10% of the value of the total contract. To avoid incurring even higher costs, professional managers will work hard to vet renters and make sure the property stays in the best possible condition.

    3. Self-interest: The manager can only make money on the transaction if they are able to rent the property out consistently over the term. To do this, they must keep the renters happy by having a clean and well-maintained property. On top of that, because they are paying you a large sum for the privilege of being able to rent out your property, you and your manager have aligned intentions. Even absent the additional protections above, all of this helps to ensure the manager will take care of your home just like you do. Lastly, managers take on deals to grow their businesses and hope you choose to renew with them the following year, ensuring your interests are aligned in terms of maintaining your home's condition.

    4. Rented.com certified: Look for this seal of approval to know that the manager has been verified by a third-party for financial, legal, and operational excellence.

    Your responsibilities are essentially limited to providing the property in rentable condition to the manager. To see more detail, please review our rental contracts.

    Under the contract, cleaning, maintenance, occupancy taxes, etc. are the responsibility of the Manager. If you have any additional restrictions on the property not included in the contract, we recommend including those in your listing, as they can impact the offer prices.

    Take the guesswork out of it. Use our income calculator to calculate what you are actually making from your home once you account for your costs and time.

    Income Calculator

    If you have not rented in the past, our partnership with Everbooked enables you to get a free projection on your rental potential.

    Rental Grader

    This is part of the reason to use Rented.com! With Rented.com, it’s now your manager’s responsibility to vet and find guests for the property—just like you would if you were self-managing.

    If you have specific restrictions that are not covered in the contract, be sure to include them in your profile so we can find a suitable fit. Be aware, however, that the more restrictions you include, the lower the offer price will likely be.

    The point of Rented.com is to rebalance the risk between owners and property managers. As an individual owner, it is virtually impossible to diversify your risk in case the property will not rent. Many owners find this to be the single greatest benefit of listing with Rented.com.

    Rather than get a varying trickle of money over the course of the year and never being 100% certain how much you can expect to make, you now have the option of receiving guaranteed monthly payments.

    It won’t. Rented.com deals entirely with future rental weeks, meaning you can start the term whenever your calendar clears up.

    Rented.com connects you with property managers for free! There is no cost for a homeowner to receive and/or accept offers, and we hope we can make you money with your new arrangement.

    For many people, there really is no downside.

    Rented.com is a free tool to help you find property management, and it's a great way to save time and make more money.

    By taking 5 minutes to create a free, private profile, you can receive offers from local property managers to see how much they could make you. While we hope to find you a great offer with a manager that's the perfect fit, there is no obligation to accept.

    Rented.com has two arrangements in which property managers can make you offers.

    The shared success model is just like any traditional property management arrangement. Find a property manager to take on all of the work for you, and you pay them a commission for the success they have.

    The shared success model is a great way to form a partnership with a property management company in which you are both equally invested in the success of the rental. This type of arrangement is likewise ideal for anyone looking to regularly use the home.

    The guaranteed model, however, is probably different than any other property management arrangement that you've seen before. In this model, rather than rent your home to guests week by week or even day by day, you can sell ALL of your available weeks in one transaction to a property manager.

    This guarantees you a set amount of fixed income for the entire year, and it transfers all the risk associated with seasonality and occupancy rates to the property management company.

    No matter what arrangement you choose, however, we're sure you'll be happy with the results!

    It is an entirely personal decision. Since the management company takes all of the risk in the guaranteed model, their offers often have a slight risk-adjustment to them. In the shared success model, the upside is limitless.

    We offer both as some prefer to lock in the fixed amount, and others want to see just how much they can get. Think of it like other investments: Sometimes you want the upside potential of stocks; other times you want the stability of bonds. With Rented.com, you have your choice of both.

    Of course. That’s why you bought it right? Just understand that the more you use it, the lower your offers will be, and the less you will ultimately make regardless of which model you choose.

    Of course! Read the stories of a few of our happy Owners here.

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