100 Best Markets To Buy A Vacation Rental Home In 2020

This year, we’re introducing two new contributors to the Rented Report:
Rented Research provides custom, in-depth market research and strategic planning specifically for the Vacation Rental and Travel industries.
Weiss Analytics provides the next generation of home price indexing, forecasting, and analytics and is the only provider of house-specific repeat sales indexes in the US.
These two teams have combined to add Real Estate forecasting and Industry specific analysis that allows this report to assess total cash-on-cash returns and identify opportunities.

Who Is The 2020 Rented Report Designed For?

The 2020 Rented Report is designed as an initial guide for those who are selling, buying or currently own vacation homes, as well as anyone interested in a summary of the Vacation Rental Real Estate industry or Real Estate Investment principles in general. It can also provide value to Property Managers who are looking to expand their footprint into new destination markets or for additional insights into the areas they currently operate in.

How Was The Report Developed?

We focus on the top US Vacation Rental markets and travel destinations to compare the cost of home ownership, short-term revenue potential, cost to acquire and annual appreciation as well as projected changes in asset value. Our findings uncover the most lucrative locations to buy real estate where the cost of ownership is outweighed by the returns Vacation Rentals provide.