Investing The Rented Blog March 23, 2017

What Are the Benefits of a Short-Term Vacation Rental vs. a Long-Term Rental?

When I first started acquiring investment properties, I was faced with a decision: Should I focus on short-term rentals or

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Buying a Vacation Rental: How Can Your Property Manager Help You Pick the Most Profitable Property?

When I set out to buy my first vacation home, I had planned to take the same approach that I

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How Can Your Property Manager Help You Winterize Your Vacation Home?

My first winter spent self-managing a vacation rental home carried a steep learning curve. In fact, my property suffered a

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Marketing The Rented Blog March 10, 2017

What Are the Best Sites to List Your Rental Property to Maximize and Manage Bookings?

Your online marketing campaign is an essential element of your vacation rental’s marketing strategy, especially when you consider that all

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2017 Hurricane Prep: Supplies Property Managers Need to Prevent and Fix Storm Damage

A large percentage of the United States is prone to hurricane damage, from the Gulf Coast right up to the

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