The Hidden Costs of Renting Out Your Vacation Home Without Professional Property Management

When my brother and his wife decided to rent out their first vacation home, they initially decided against hiring a

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Will Your Vacation Home Rental Income Cover Your Costs of Ownership?

My parents have owned numerous vacation properties for more than 30 years, and they have always managed to fully cover

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The Vacation Home Amenities Checklist: Property Management Perks that Bring in the Highest ROI

When I was younger, my mother handled lots of the phone calls from potential guests who were interested in renting

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Buying a Rental Property in a Gated Community: Property Management in an HOA Neighborhood

As my parents have acquired more and more vacation homes over the years, they have always shown a preference for

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Investing The Rented Blog January 18, 2017

Should I Buy a Rental Property? Crunching the Numbers When Investing in a Vacation Home

My parents were definitely “numbers people,” so when buying a vacation home as an investment property, they performed tons of

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