December 16, 2018

Getting A Head Start on Super Bowl Prep

It’s not surprising that cities vie for the Super Bowl years in advance of a prospective date. It’s consistently the largest sporting event in the country, and it’s a boon to the economy of the host city. But in recent years, this has changed form. With the introduction and popularity of Airbnb, Super Bowl host cities now have the capacity to handle thousands of more guests who will, in turn, cause more of an economic windfall around the game.

The next Super Bowl is being hosted by Atlanta. On February 3rd, people from all over the country will descend upon the growing, diverse city. They will all want somewhere to stay that gives them access to the activities, events, and sites of the city. So if you’re a property manager or just someone who wants to make some extra money, this is an opportunity!

Super Bowl - Money

Super Bowl – Why You Should List

Let’s consider the case for listing your home as a short-term rental for the Super Bowl. Minneapolis hosted the big game last year and Airbnb completed an economic impact report with economic projections from the weekend. Airbnb hosts earned approximately a combined $3.7 million in supplemental income from Super Bowl related stays.

On a more personal level, a typical Minneapolis host will earn approximately $1000 during the week through the Airbnb platform. Based on the supplemental income numbers, Airbnb projected an extra $11 million to be contributed to local business by guest spending from Super Bowl week. Airbnb prices were about 3.7X their usually level when they were booked for Super Bowl week.

All of these indicators and metrics should correlate very well to Atlanta. If anything, Atlanta should see better numbers than Minneapolis. The city hosts the most popular and highest rated airport in the country. It also will benefit from being in the midst of many infrastructural and technological initiatives that will be a draw to travelers. Lastly, the city benefits from having a brand-new, state-of-the-art stadium. Mercedes-Benz stadium glows an iridescent red on the skyline of the city, and that light will attract fans of any team.

Super Bowl -Plan

Super Bowl – Where to Start

First, you’ve gotta know your deadline. The Super Bowl is, again, February 3rd. However, you’ve got to be ready before that. The teams in the Super Bowl aren’t set in stone until the Conference championship games are held. January 20 is the big date to circle on your calendar. After this day, fans of the winning teams will be sure of their team’s place in the championship and will immediately start booking places in and near Atlanta.

To again put this into perspective, hotels go FAST. Most of rooms are already booked for Super Bowl weekend. In fact, the NFL itself typically buys up to half of the hotel rooms in a given Super Bowl area for players, executives, employees, entertainers, etc. Therefore, fans will be looking for alternative accommodations. That’s where you come in! In 2018, 60% of guests arrivals in Minneapolis were booked within 10 days of the match-up being set. So you’ve got to be ready before January 20. How do you do it?

Super Bowl - Photography

Super Bowl – Prep Your Property


Good photos are a must when listing anything online, but they’re even more important when demand is so high. You know every leg up you can get in order to differentiate your property from the others in your area. So take a little extra time to think through the best way to showcase the place. Be sure to get good photos of all the amenities you have to offer. Is there a hot tub? Maybe you have a fire pit. A deck? Anything that adds value to the property and would be of interest to a guest is something you should make known in the listing.


Next, you need to put together the listing. You will, of course use the photos we discussed. But you’re also going to have to include a description of the property. Be sure to talk about the features that you showcased in the photos.

There’s also one big piece that you’ll need to include. Remember that this entire weekend is centered around a huge sporting event. So your guests are probably going to be going. How should they get there? If your property Inside The Perimeter (ITP), you’ll probably want to steer your guests towards MARTA, Atlanta’s public transportation system. There’s a MARTA train station right across the street from The Benz so your guests should have no problem navigating their way there. The ease of commute will be a big draw to your property, and you can, in turn, raise your pricing.

If your property is Outside The Perimeter (OTP), don’t fear! You can still steer your guests toward public transportation if you’re near a MARTA station. If a MARTA station is a ways away from you, you can find the nearest Park-n-Ride and tell your guests about that. In any case, you’ll want to make it clear in your listing that there’s a clear, simple way for your guests to go from your property to the stadium.

Also, consider dynamic pricing strategies. If your OTP you may have to charge a little less than your ITP counterparts at first, but as the game draws nearer people will have to search further out for places to stay. As that spread occurs, adjust your prices accordingly.

Consider the Rules

Atlanta’s alternative accommodation scene is large and diverse. Everything from smaller units in Multi-Family buildings to large estates can be found within miles of the city. Therefore, the rules you set forth for your property must take into account whether your guests will be in close proximity to others.

Keep in mind that the Super Bowl is on a Sunday night. Most children will have school the next day. If your property is a condo or apartment in a multi-family building, you may want to tell your guests to be considerate of their neighbors. Conversely, your guests may have be able to be a little louder if they have a whole house or guest house to themselves.

Super Bowl - Party

Super Bowl – In Conclusion

The Super Bowl is a momentous event that can shift the entire economy of a city. A city like Atlanta with its growing business sector, public transportation, and thriving airport, is perfectly setup to capitalize on such an event. Its residents deserve to reap the benefits. So get in on the fun! If you’re smart and careful, you’ll be happy with the results.

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