5 Vacation Rental Lessons to Learn from Christmas Carols

Wreaths, trees, and Christmas lights now decorate shop windows, offices, and many a home. As we gather with loved ones

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Marketing The Rented Blog December 16, 2015

3 Ways to Use Vacation Rental Photography to Get More Airbnb Bookings

Light is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Harnessed correctly, light illuminates, beckons, and pulls on a person’s emotions.

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The Tale of Vacation Rentals as Told by Star Wars

With the latest installment in Star Wars all over the news, now seemed like a good time to see what

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Rental News The Rented Blog December 3, 2015

What Consolidation Means for the Future of Vacation Rentals

Without question, the vacation rental industry is poised for a historic shift in 2015. Back in July, we made some

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Investing Security The Rented Blog November 24, 2015

Vacation Home Automation 101: How to Make More & Save Time

Here at, we want all of your questions about vacation homes and rentals to be answered. With high demand

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