Vacation Rental Managers… We’re talking conferences in this episode of the Art of Pricing! We’re all looking forward to the hugs, seeing smiles, catching up with old friends, and meeting new connections. But conferences are expensive, can you and your team define what you would like to get out of attending a conference?

These professional conferences attendees (and amazing ladies), Annie Holcombe from Lexicon, April Burn from InterCoastal Net Designs, Kim Hermon from Big Bear Vacations joined host Talia Lockard of Rented to discuss:

– Set Specific Goals Before Conferences that create measurable results.
– How to have your team divide and conquer for maximum returns.
– Define what you are trying to accomplish? If it’s just a party – get yourself a drink and dance like no one is watching!
– What are the best and most effective ways to connect with vendors?
– And soooo much more!